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LRM_EXPORT_20170803_235251Hey Fam! A hearty welcome for all who are here to support me through my 100th blog.

Yesterday when I was prepping up for the blog which was supposed to go live today, my stats showed 99 blogs and the next blog was going to be my 100th. TBH the first thing that came to my my mind was, “How did my lazy ass manage to write 100 blog posts now.” I didn’t wanted to post a review as my 100th blog so I asked you all on Instagram about what it should be. I know some of you wanted on beauty, hair care, fashion and feminism(eyes roll) but I wanted it to be some thing very special and personal. Thank you to my friend Soham for coming up with the best idea.

LRM_EXPORT_20170813_124233I still cannot believe this. I started from nothing. We just hit 1 year mark on this site few days back but I used to blog even before that which only few knew about as I was too shy to tell everyone I blog. It’s very hard when people around you judge you for wearing makeup, dressing up and literally everything you do but once you start to ignore the negativity, the real development starts. My friends supported me and suggested me to buy a site and start fresh and so I did and that was the best decision ever.

I always wanted to be a fashion designer/stylist but never got the chance but I never stopped believing in that dream. When I came to know about blogging I thought it’s the best way to do something in the field I love so much. I enjoy writing about stuffs that give me pleasure, didn’t matter to me if anyone actually read them but a blogger might know, just posting a blog gives immense pleasure itself. While buying this site and after having had collects my guts to make it all official, I had a new dream, to inspire my like minds and motivate them. And gladly as I’ve reached the 100 mark, I’m sure I have inspired! Not many but few, and that’s the best satisfaction ever.

LRM_EXPORT_20170813_124026But this blog is for you! for those who are reading this, for those who always read my posts, for those who support me through this journey, for those who keep me motivated, for those who pull me up when I’m low, for those who make me happy, for everyone! I might be very bad at appreciation but I would be nothing without you, this blog would be nothing. You all are my moral support and each and everyone of you are my family.

Thank you for keeping faith in me, for believing in me, for believing in my opinions and review. Thank you for turning up to me with your queries.

I call it an achievement when people know you from your work name rather than original and that’s huge! From being a normal small town girl, I’m known outside my city for my work. I’ve made a small space for myself in the blogging industry but I still need your support to achieve more.

Thank you for helping me reach this milestone. There are more to come. Hope you stay with me till I achieve more.

Love you all #Team13. xoxo- Bareen


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  1. Why I am getting emotional while reading this. lol. Well congratulations girl 🙂 And yes even I too felt a bit shy to speak about my blogging openly. But thank god for his blessings and now we are achieving success each day 🙂

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