Krishkare Dead Sea Mud Mask Review


Hey guys! I’m at a vacation right now but how professional or restless of me that I’m here writing to you sacrificing my vacay! But I had to share about this product before we were done with the summer for good.


If you wonder why I don’t review products a week after I get them, it’s just that the more I use a product, the better review I can give and I don’t believe in first impression (or second or third). So weeks later after receiving this new interesting and much awaited launch by Krishkare, I’m finally here sharing my thoughts about it.

Product Description/ Claims:

From the far away seas in Israel, comes this mineral infused super mud mask that does it all. Therapeutic in every way, this mud mask is the perfect fit for all and any skin concerns you have. Even if you don’t have skin concerns (lucky you!), this mask will detox and brighten your face instantly for a clean, soft glow.


Detox, Exfoliate : Draw out toxins + impurities = Squeaky clean, fresh skin feel

Nourish, Hydrate : moisturize + balance oiliness = Perfect for all skin types

Eliminate, Minimize : blackheads + shrink pores = Smooth, unblemished skin

Reduce, Prevent : acne + breakouts = Blooming, spotless, clear skin

Promote, Protect : cell regeneration + signs of aging = Youthful, tightened skin

Transform : dull + uneven skin tones = Luminescent, silky soft skin


It deep cleanses the skin, eliminating toxins and dirt including pollution, grime, germs etc. This clarifies blackheads and whiteheads, tightening pores.

It’s high mineral content also tones skin, balancing uneven, dull skin. This mask soothes and hydrates skin, balancing out moisture and oil. Perfect for all skin types.

Naturally rich in Magnesium, Calcium and Potassium, Dead Sea Mud helps to regenerate and replenish skin, reducing signs of aging like wrinkles, fine lines and spots. Skin elasticity is increased by supporting the natural repair process tightening loose skin. Your face is left with a youthful, smooth finish.

It’s hydrating properties ensure maximum hydration for your skin, making it softer and leaving it with a photo-ready, luminous finish.



Price: 650/- for 100 gms

Direct link to Purchase: Click Here.





I had planned to stop purchasing new masks as I have so so so many of them and planned to finish them first before getting new one. But when I got the invite for this amazing new mask which had such high claims and seemed to be solution to all the skin problems, I couldn’t just resist.

Talking about the packaging first, I’m not a huge fan of the krishkare packaging, I just feel it could be better. The jar came in cardboard box with details mentioned on it. I really hoped that the jar had a seal or foil on it because there was some leakage inside the box. The quality of material used are not doubt good but there needs to be some minor improvements.

The product is grey, clay-y and has micro granular sand particles. I love the consistency of it as it’s neither too thin and not to thick which most mud masks are. It is so easy to apply and to rinse off. It might leave slight tint on face but taking a toner or just rose water on cotton pad and wiping off gives a squeaky clean face. Follow it with beauty oils or a good moisturizer as it might make your skin dry.

When I first heard about this product, I was so sold by it’s claims and wanted to see for myself if it was really that good. I have tried this multiple times and every time I use it, my skin feels so good. I have tried almost every mask in the market and make some myself too and I can tell how good a mask is in first go. This is a good mask but I really don’t think it’s true to all it’s claims. It’s a great detox mask, it fairs pretty well for blackheads and whiteheads. It did not completely get rid of my acne but showed slight shrinkage and minimized the pores. I don’t think its very good for dry skin but amazing for oily/ combination skin. It firms and tightens the skin which I like but not many enjoy that. The skin feels bright and clean. Dry skin beauties can use this as spot treatment and it will help.


  • Unique mask.
  • Makes your skin feel better and clean.
  • Helps with black and white heads.
  • Great for oily skin but dry skin can use it as spot treatment.


  • Needs better packaging.
  • Little bit expensive.

If you are a crazy mask addict like me and want to try this product than go ahead and get it. It’s a good mask.

Hope you like the review. Thanks for making it till the end. Love you all. xoxo- Bareen.

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  1. snehalboricha

    😃Wow… wanna try this on my black heads. By the way, had my vacation. How’s your going? 🙂

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