5 ways to stay positive during Quarantine!

These are really dark times! We are all in a lock-down, to stay away from this deadly virus, which we definitely wanna stay away from. We are all at home; idle most of the day and we’ve all heard it, “An idle mind is a devil’s workshop!”

As a person who’s quite prone to anxiety and depression, times like these can be as worse as a disease. All we hear these days is negativity. All the people suffering, the deaths, the news do no good to your mood. Everyone is suffering from crisis, some more than others and listening to every problem just puts us into a dark hole. Makes us over-think a lot, about all the unnecessary things. We get irritated and anything and everything starts bothering us. We start procrastinating, stressing over things and it only makes everything worse; for us and for people around us too.

And my only plan during this quarantine is to stay positive! To spread happiness and lighten the mood. So I thought of 5 different ways you can make the best out of this quarantine and stay positive.

1. Focus on Spending time with your loved ones:

Being quarantine at home has brought the family closer! Being so busy with our work and life, we tend to neglect the importance of spending time with our family. So go spend most of the time with your family, watch movie together, play games, have lunch/dinner together. Call your friends up, talk to them for hours! I assure there’s nothing more mood lifting than catching up with your besties. If you are unfortunately stuck alone, spare your time to call everyone you care about and talk your heart out. Talking is the key!


2. Focus on staying Fit:

Staying home all day makes even the best of us lazy. All we do is sleep and binge eat. But we do have to remember, corona is not the only deadly disease out there. So start burning calories. Be it brisk walks around the house to some basic at home exercise which do not require any special equipment as such. You can learn from various videos on Youtube which are really simple and helpful for beginners. If you are finding it hard to commit to working out, get a partner, it’s better when there’s company (but surely don’t crowd). Or you can take on challenges; I’m personally on a 4 week skipping rope challenge.


3. Focus on Eating Right:

On the same notes of previous point, you also need to put good food into your body to stay fit. Most of our favorite junk food joints are closed, like it or not we are forced to eat at home. Skip ordering that pizza and eat the daal chawal. You are home so you can start a diet, make a food schedule so you don’t over or under eat. Make your cheat food at home, it’s way healthier that way. Take all the necessary supplements, don’t forget your vitamins. You need to build your immunity and these days are the best to start or break a habit. This will help you get your day on a good path. And trust me, nothing can make you feel as good about yourself when you are eating and living right!


4. Focus on Yourself:

Be it your skin, your hair, your nails or your eyelashes. You are far away from all the daily pollution your body has to endure. When we start getting healthy from the inside, your body starts showing charm too. So go apply a mask, oil your hair, do your makeup for no reason. Do everything which makes you feel good about yourself.

5. Take on a new Hobby:

Go make that TikTok video if you feel like it, or make Youtube videos, You can do so many things while you are at it. Start painting again if you have lost touch at it, or dance your heart out. Sit by your window and sing, it might make someone’s day. Read something which you were planning to or let your imagination run loose and pen it all down. Someone once told me, there’s no such thing as a creative block. start doing what you love even if it’s trash. Keep doing it over and over again. In the end, you’ll make something worth it all.


We are all in this together. It’s important to stay safe. We have the power of saving the world by staying home, so let’s do our part. So here’s to a better Quarantine.

Thank you for sparing your time and reading my blog.

Lots of Love. Bareen. xoxo.

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