Bling Obsession ft. Blinglane


Hey Team13, As promised I am here with the whole week of blogs and today’s blog is really very special. Blinglane as a Santa dropped this beauty at my home and I can’t even say how happy I am. Well you all know What Blinglane is right? And if you don’t, are you even alive?

Blinglane every month or so, hosts a contest for bloggers from which they select few and send them their fave product from their wishlist. I followed every rule of theirs but seriously didn’t hope they would select me and it was a real surprise for me when it arrived.dsc_0110 I loved how beautifully they packaged this product. The outer box was tied with red ribbon and had Blinglane embossed on it in silver. Inside were large thermacol balls and a note saying Thank You and behind were instructions to take care of the products. Inside a grey velvet bag was this beauty. I really loved the color theme of white and grey which is supposedly my fave color combo.dsc_0129

Cost of the ring is 780 INR

I really love this ring. I always wanted this kind of feather ring and this is perfection. It has right amount of bling and great for everyday use. I love rings but I always lose them but I’m gonna take extra care of this one. You can wear this with any outfit and can also layer it. It really suits my style of jewelry as I go for elegant sophisticated pieces.

The quality is really nice and it has silver rhodium plating. It weighs around 3.08 gms.

If you are interested to purchase it then click here.


They also have more amazing collections to suit you style and their products are really budget friendly so if you are interested to buy something for yourself this new year or even want to gift something your Mom, GF, wife or sister will cherish for her lifetime then this is the place you should check out. Share your thoughts on how do you like this product.

Have an amazing day. Love you. xoxo

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