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I was a person who didn’t like oiling my hair ( don’t be shocked). Hair oils made my scalp itchy and overnight oiling was just impossible for me. But there is drastic change in my hair care routine due to few new products that I have added. The major thing I have realized is that not all oils suit you. They may or may not cause hairfall but might cause itching or dryness and my scalp is really sensitive to oils. So if you are facing such problems, then it’s an indication that you need to switch up your routine.

Coming to the main subject of this blog, the hair oil which has solved almost all my major hair issues: Satthwa Premium Hair Oil.

About Satthwa:

Satthwa means “pure” in Sanskrit and we stand by our motto “pure to the core”

Satthwa was started by Prashant in early 2016 with the introduction of the Satthwa Premium Hair Oil, since then the hair oil has benefited thousands of users and the success of which lead the way to researching on other natural products.

Satthwa was started by Prashant a serial entrepreneur who had been fighting hair fall problems since a couple of years. He tried various “big brand” products which only helped a little. After a lot of research, trial and error, he found a good mix of certain oils which made a lot off difference to his hair. He passed on the oil to his friends and family and they all were very happy with the results. Now he is on a mission to help others with this scientifically researched hair oil formula!


Product Description:

Contains Omega 6 & 9, Iron, Calcium, Magnesium and rare Vitamin K from Sweet Almond oil. Ricinoleic acid from Castor oil which makes hair darker and stops premature greying. Has Lauric acid from E.V Coconut oil. Jojoba oil which is Anti-fungal & cleanses the scalp by unclogging pores. Vitamin E contains d-alpha Tocopherol. Amla oil which is rich in Vitamin C. Grapeseed oil which delays skin aging. Emu oil stimulates dormant hair follicles and helps in new hair growth. E.V Olive oil treats dry and damaged hair.

Price: 599/- for 100ml



I was facing lots of hair issues like dandruff, hair fall, split ends, etc few weeks back and I had seen many bloggers raving about this oil and even repurchasing it! So I contacted Prashant and he was really sweet to send over a bottle of this miracle oil and I was really hoping that it would work for my hair, and it did! I’ve been trying this for a month now and though it says it takes 3-4 months to get best results, it is already working amazing for me.

It has a thick consistency and you don’t require much of it for all your hair. It’s a bit greasy but easy to wash off. It clearly says multiple times than you should not wash this off with alcohol containing shampoo so avoid that. You can also do a hot champi in winters.

As you know I have coloured hair and I sometimes style my hair for shoots. It has been months since I have trimmed my hair which has caused split ends. Also due to heat, there is too much dandruff. All these reasons are causing problems to my hair but this Hair oil is saving me from all.

Not only me but my whole family is using it and loving it! In our family, it’s hereditary to get premature greying and preventing that is major benefit of this oil. I haven’t seen any greying in my hair yet but if this helps me with that, I’ll be fan of it.

It has increased hair growth and also decreased hair fall. My dandruff has completely vanished! (not kidding). It has made my hair longer and thicker. I can skip conditioner and my hair won’t be frizzy. Not only me but my mom has also seen visible difference after using this. My brother has grey hair and it’s helping him with it.

I guess I have covered all of it including pros and I really don’t have any cons.

Rating: 5/5

If you are suffering from severe hair damage then I compel you to try this. If you don’t believe in my opinion, you can check out their site where there are thousands of reviews from genuine people who enjoy this and this hair oil has saved them. It’s not just a hair oil but a hair treatment. Even if you are not facing hair issues, this will guarantee you better hair in future.

I’ll surely repurchase it when I’m over with it. Do give this a shot and believe me it won’t let you down.

Hope you like my review and if you did, share it with your friends and family who need this.

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Thank you. Love you all. xoxo- Bareen


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  1. Shivangi pandey

    Ohhh thanks for reviewing this miraculous product i was looking for a good hairoil and i think i found one i got this one immediately after reading your review and used it for a week sorry for leaving the comments late I wasn’t able to leave comments with phone !

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