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Today I’ll be sharing with you a product which was completely new to me and I had no idea how to use it, what are its benefits, etc. So I went into complete research mode to find about it. The more I knew, the more I fell in love with this product.

About Peuro:

Peuro is a brand born out of need.

People these days are switching from traditional chemically formulated bath and body products to natural ones. This is mainly because of change in lifestyle and increased awareness of the advantages of the natural proucts over their counterparts. And an interest and passion in creating these kind of products led to the birth of our brand ‘ Peuro’.

  • we are a brand having all natural products
  • we are a brand having chemical free and cruelty free products
  • all our products provide more benefits over the price that you will spent on them
  • our products are mild on the skin and have immense nutrition for your skin
  • currently we offer handmade soaps, essential and carrier oils and aloevera gel
  • we further intent to bring cold pressed soaps, body butters, body washes and shampoos, incense sticks and diffusers, car fragrances, etc.
  • we strive hard to create and curate products that our customers need
  • our products will soon be available on our website, Amazon and on Flipkart
  • follow our Instagram page for recent updates.


Price: 300/- for 50 ml. ( product on sale right now)

Link to know more about their products: Click Here

Link to purchase this product: Click Here

Product Description:

Ideal for dry and sensitive skin. Best for winter use since the skin becomes too dry. Our avocado oil will hydrate the skin and keep the skin supple throughout the day. This oil is extracted using the cold pressed method and hence all the richness of the oil is preserved.

  • pure and natural.
  • No mineral oil added.
  • Not tested on Animals.

What are cold pressed oils?




  1. For Dry Skin: Can be used on super dry, itching skin. I use it after shaving tho keep the moisture into the skin. It sinks into the skin and doesn’t feel greasy or oily at all.
  2. For Dry, Frizzy Hair ( Serum): It has replaced those expensive, packed with harmful Chemicals hair serums. I use this when ever my hair feel dry and frizzy. One pump of it is enough for whole hair. It does not make them oily and works much better than the expensive hair serums which damage hair even more.
  3. For Removing Makeup: Any oil can be used to remove makeup but let me tell you why this better. When you use oil to remove the makeup, it takes time to break the makeup and you need to massage it for a long time to get rid of makeup. But this, as its not every greasy like most of the oils, just one pump of it on a cotton ball works similar to the biphased makeup removers. Skin feels healthy rather than chemically after use.
  4. For Cleansing your Face/ Body: As effective it is to remove stubborn makeup, it also removes all the dirt and junk accumulated on the face by the end of the day.
  5. For Damaged, brittle hair and Hairfall ( Hair oil): Even though I use it as serum, you can do a nice champi with it. It doesn’t look oily on the hair like normal oils do. You can apply good amount of it on the hair (roots and ends) and leave it for as much time you want. I have noticed, if you leave it for a good amount of time ( overnight) it sinks into the hair ( partially) and when you wash it, the hair don’t get frizzy or dry. You can even skip conditioner after this. Also it doesn’t take up lot of shampooing to get it off.
  6. For Massage: When you apply this on your skin, you feel some warmness on the skin and it’s amazing at times of winter when you skin is cold and dry. If you are having muscle ache, use this to massage it on the skin and it will give you relief.
  7. In Makeup: I have seen many youtubers add oil in their makeup to get than glowy healthy look. I have somewhat oily skin and I don’t like dewy makeup. But if you dig dewy look or have a matte foundation which dries yout your skin, just add half or a drop of this oil in your makeup and omg, it looks so beautiful, #JLoVibes.
  8. For Treating Eczema and psoriasis: I don’t have any of these but by doing research, I know It’s very helpful for various skin disease. Also If you suffer from body acne ( I do) this will help you solve it.
  9. To Reduce age spots and sun damage: I can’t really say about age spots but sun damage, YESSS! My skin reacts so easily with sun rays and I get tans/ sun burns like in jif. I don’t use it on my face to prevent sun damage as my skin is oily but on my body, yes. Like I said, a good massage of this will heal your skin. I have so many sun burns on my hand and it is working really well in getting rid of those.
  10. Accelerate wound healing and reduces Inflammation
  11. In Food: it is rich in Oleic acid.Oleic acid is known to have several positive effects throughout the body including lowering risk of some cancers, preventing flare-ups of certain auto-immune diseases, speeding cell regeneration and wound healing, aiding the body in repelling and eliminating microbial infections, as well as reducing inflammation inside and out.
  12. Keeps your heart healthy.
  13.  Good source of vitamin E.
  14. Helps in digestion.
  15. Helps you lose weight and Improve digesion.

There are so many more benefits I don’t know about it. This is really very helpful you your whole body. Some of the uses I swear by and some of them I’m yet to try.

Rating: 5/5

Con: I hate the pump. Its very stiff and can’t get proper control over the product.

Peuro impresses me everytime with their multiuse products. Im almost done with this bottle and looking forward to repurchase it.

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Thanks for reading it till the end. hope you found it useful. Love you all. xoxo- Bareen.

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