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Hello guys! Welcome to my blog. Today I will be reviewing the essence xxxl long lasting lipgloss in the shade soft nude. Essence is an international drugstore brand and the products we get here are at low price as well. I hadn’t tried this brand before but heard a lot things about it. While I was surfing through Amazon I found this lip cream and as you know lip creams are so in nowadays and I loved the colour, goes with the Kylie Jenner lip colours. So I bought it as it was not that expensive.


Price: 279/-
matt = a must! if you love this lip trend, the velvety-matt, long-lasting lipglosses are ideal for you! the light, mousse-like texture lasts on your lips for several hours without drying them out. particularly easy to apply thanks to the flat applicator.
Long lasting,silky lipcream for a soft matte finish.


It’s a beautiful cool toned mauve shade very similar to Candy K lipshade. As it is cool tone nude, it won’t flatter dark skin tone as it will make you look washed out. I would like it a bit warmer to suit me. Though it looks very beautiful and will look even more beautiful on fair skin tone.
It is not completely matte for which I was really disappointed. It is semi matte and is a bit patchy. If you rub you lips together, the product will get accumulated on the edge of your lips. The product bleeds. As for long lasting claim I DO NOT agree with it, it has very bad staying power. It only lasted for 2 hours even though I didn’t eat anything and bled out. I bought it because it said matte but it is not, it not long lasting, it washes my look a little bit. But I must say it has an amazing vanilla scent which makes me feel to eat it and it also tastes good ( not that I tasted but you know we sometimes lick some products my mistake).


I am not happy with the product. I’m trying to make it work for my skin tone by applying a dark brown liner beneath it. It doesn’t stay for long but the colour is gorgeous and its inexpensive. It has two more shades, a pink and a red, but I don’t think I would be buying them coz I’m not happy. Though it would look fabulous with bold smokey eyes.
Would I recommend it to you?
Definitely not.
If you are fair toned and want a good nude you can go for it buy it won’t stay for long.
Rating: 1/5
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