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I have never been as doubtful as I am right now on whether I should post this or not. I got so many questions and requests about this that I thought I should do it but there isn’t much to talk about it and I had shared some details about it on my Instagram. Anyways what could go wrong by me posting this anyway right?

So hey my Fashion Enthusiast! Ready for another fashion blog? So you all know I had my college fest in December and I had participated in the fashion show and I won in the Traditional round YAY which was quite unexpected because every other participant had wore Sarees and I was the only one who wore a dress instead which let me make the show stopper entry, hehe.


Dress Details:

This was the most asked question of all time. Even the Judges, my guy friends were curious to know where I got the dupatta from.

Sadly, I don’t know from where it is from because it was a gift to me by my aunt. But then my mom got similar heavy dupatta from Manish Market, Mumbai. The Kurta I designed it myself. The cloth is pink silk with orange duochrome which gives it another edge to the whole outfit. There is a orange lining on the side line and cuts and also around the collars, which helps the whole outfit come together. Its just a simple straight cut kurta to give all the attention to the dupatta.


I kept the accessories quite minimal with just a pair of big ethnic pair of earings. You could also wear it with a Kada or a nice watch. I wore Black Stilettos by Steve Madden which made me look tall, also due to the straight cut of Kurta you anyways get the elongated shape.

If you get a Dupatta similar to it then always remember to make a kurta with a complimentary colour, supposedly darker shade, rather than of the same colour as it will bring the outfit down.

This dress can be wore on various occasions. You can wear it on parties, someone’swedding, family functions or any formal function/ program. I have wore this dress quite a few times and it was mostly visiting my relatives.


I really love this dress and all of your compliments made me realize I should wear it out more. Β If you are looking for a traditional party wear dress then I would really suggest you to get a nice heavy worked dupatta and style it. I really dont understand why this so underated. I’m going to buy more of such dupatta and create more looks out of it.


If you love this look and want this style to be in the top charts share it with your friends, family and everyone. If you don’t like it, tell me what you didn’t like about it so I can style it better.

Thanks for reading all the way. Love you all.xoxo


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  1. Yaminee Niteen Redij

    Idk frm whn I wz waiting for uh dressing style blog…… I just love uh blogs on this topic as they improve my fashion sense…. I think the last blog related to this this topic wz uh white dress attire of hyderabad diaries right? Anyways… This blog was yet again an addition to my knowledge, so thank you! & the way u style evry outfit given to u really amazing bareen😍😍xoxo

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