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Hi buddies. How was your weekend? Mine was all about lazing up and trying out new stuff for you guys. Also had a self pamper session at home after returning from a one day trip to Mumbai for the Avon Event. Life has been hectic but I’ve always spared some time for myself.

Pampering feet is so underrated and I don’t know why. The organ which keeps you up and gets you through all day needs much TLC as your face. Personally, since I was small (not very small), whenever I felt tired or had sprain in my legs, I used to pour a hot water bath for my legs and would sit there till the waters gone cold and yes! I still do that but with products which make my luxurious me time even better. This really helps get the exertion out and gives you a good night sleep.


About Soap Square:

Soap Square is a brand committed to provide you with treats from nature.

Our creations are botanical, natural and handmade. We use a lot of edible natural ingredients such as fresh fruits and vegetables, flower petals, milk, butters, vegetable oils, raw honey, raw cane sugar and a lot more to pamper your skin with.

They are devoid of nasty chemicals, i.e. they are SLS Free, Paraben Free and Cruelty Free!

Our products are 100% vegetarian and not tested on animals.

About Product:

Our bath salts dissolved in warm water are easily absorbed through the skin and help relieve muscle tension. They ease stress and relax the body. Calendula oil is well known for it’s skin soothing properties. It has anti- inflammatory and anti-fungal properties.

Price: 400/- for 140 gm.

Link to Purchase: Click Here

  • Detoxifies
  • SLS-free
  • Paraben-free
  • Relieve muscle tension
  • Relaxes the body
  • Soothes the skin
  • No artificial colours
  • Natural & handmade

Epsom Salt, Pink Himalayan Salt, Calendula Petals, Calendula Oil.

How to Use:

Step 1: Add 2 spoonful of foot soak in warm water
Step 2: Add your favourite essential oil (optional)
Step 3: Soak your feet for good 10-15 Minutes till the water gets colder.

This is the most basic routine you can do once a week and your feet will thank you for it. You can also do complete pedicure at home following up which is what I do every month or so.


Starting with the packaging of this product; It comes in a glass jar with the details stick on it. The quality of packaging is really sturdy. The best thing I found about it was I came with it’s own wooden spoon to get the product out which is really thoughtful about the brand.

The moment you open the jar, you are struck by the amazing aroma of this salt which gets you nostalgic. It has particles of rock salt with dried Calendula leaves which bloom up once again when put in water. The smell lingers for a long time when put in water and gives you much required calming aroma therapy.

I’m not a huge fan of my feet. I have footwear tan lines on my feet, scars which I don’t even know how they got there, weird shape and size and list goes on. Maybe that’s the reason I take so much more care about them. Feet have maximum exposure to dirt and dust which makes them look even dirty. I always like my feet to be clean and I give all the TLC it requires.

This foot soak gets all the dirt from the surface of your feet. Your feet feel smoother and cleaner. When in water, exfoliate your feet with just your fingers and it will already get that accumulated dirt from the skin. Take a pumice stone and get rid on the dead skin of your sole. This also helps in releasing the muscle tension and making them relaxed. It also helps moisten your nails, so if you want to trim them or clean them, this is the best time. Surprisingly, it helps in healing scars faster.

Rating: 4.5/5

I really love this soak. You can also use this while having bath if you have a Tub. If you suffer from ankle pain or you walk a lot or use your feet a lot then you should really try this. Your feet will get more immediate relief than the pain medication.

Just pour a hot soak and relax, you’ll get better sleep.

Thanks for your patience if you made it till the end. Love you all. xoxo.



10 thoughts on “Feet Pamper Session at Home with Soap Square Calendula Foot Soak”

  1. Spoon with foot soak! Thats the best. And yes I too have tan lines & what not on my feet lol. Loved the review. The salts included really helps in healing daily tiredness 😍

  2. I must say they have considered the packaging and comfort for users. Loved the small gesture by brand which make you feel that they care about consumer .

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