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Hello buddies!

If you guys know me, you know that I’m studying Chemistry and it is my FAV! When I came to know there is a brand named Freshistry, I just couldn’t resist myself trying out their products. I just love the concept of their brand to curate cosmetics according to your liking and skin type. The name itself is enough to get me interested.


About Freshistry:

Freshistry is a brand new concept of buying skin and hair care products by customizing them online. We call them FRESHY’s because every product is freshly brewed for each one of you!

What makes us different?

You might not know how the products you buy were manufactured. We are there to keep things transparent!

Now you get a chance to experience fresh cosmetics and not only this, you get to select the type of base you want according to your skin/hair goals, mix your own choice of herbs as well as fragrance and tinge and brand it with your name.


Product Description:

I customized by Face Cleanser as follows:


Tea tree helps treat acne and pimples. Lavender helps in detoxifying the skin. It’s gel based with exfoliants in it. I chose the color Sunset orange with an Earthy fragrance.

Price: 345/- for 120 gms + 50/- for 30 ml of Fresh potion (Extra Ingredient)

Link to Make Your own: Click Here.



Starting with the packaging, how adorable are these tubs! I always feel like I’m opening ice cream tubs while using this. Though cute, I would have appreciated a pump or dispenser as dipping hands every time in it can be unhygienic. Also, these are not travel friendly which is a bummer.


The first time I used it, I wasn’t quite impressed by the smell I chose. I seriously won’t choose this fragrance again. But besides that, I loved how this worked for my skin. I felt like a proud mama to have made this amazing baby! (no exaggeration whatsoever) I’m so so glad that I chose exfoliants as they are the best part on this cleanser. The face is cleansed so effortlessly and the scrubbing particles are not every harsh on the skin. It is perfect for daily use and also great to use on the body.DSC_0826

My skin is doing exceptionally well since I have started using this. This is the best thing I’ve used for my face in terms of cleanser/scrub as it is a perfect blend of both. It takes off the oiliness from the skin but does not dehydrate at all. It gives the best glow and shine to the skin. It keeps the oil at bay for a long time and keeps it soft and moisturised. I have seen a lot of difference on my skin regarding acne as I chose tea tree to combat the same. It is also helping me with my whiteheads which are so stubborn to leave. I love using it on my body the most, specially on my shoulders and back as currently there is a lot of issues going on there due to heat. It has made a spot on my bathroom shelf that I’ve used it so much in such less time span. I’m more than half way through the jar and trust me, I’m getting a refill on this ASAP.


Coming to a part which I’m not so impressed and wouldn’t suggest you trying is the extra ingredient/potion. I thought that choosing one more ingredient would add up inside the jar rather outside. It really skips the mind to add these extra drops everytime you use the product. The packaging of this is not very convenient either as it’s little troublesome to get product out of this plastic bottle. But the product you get is amazing and while creating your own blend, you will be tempted to try as many bases you can but there is no point in that. You can use this potion after using the cleanser too, that’s what I do.


  • Affordable.
  • Great idea behind the brand.
  • You get what you wanted as a product.
  • Great variety of options to choose from.
  • Perfect for your skin as you customize it.
  • Natural, Vegan, Paraben free, Pure Herbal extracts and freshly brewed.
  • You get exact date as well as time of manufacture of product so you know it’s totally fresh.


  • Packaging could be better.
  • Fresh potion is kind off useless.

Rating: 4.5/5

I’m so excited to make a new one for me as soon as I finish this which is going to be soon. I really suggest you guys to visit their page and I’m sure you will not be disappointedJust be creative and make your own cosmetics. I have one more of fresh’s for you so stay tuned for the next blog.

Love you all. xoxo

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  1. Although packaging is cute 😍 but it has to be according your daily need and uses. Although i am really excited about the concept of the customised skincare product

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