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Hello buddies! Sorry once again for being MIA (and I’m also sorry for this being my intro for every blog!) There’s lot going on in life right now. Or I must say everything is going wrong.

I’m writing this blog for second time because all the data got deleted including the pictures and it was just way too frustrating. But I’m here, with the same energy,to share with you a review of a product which I customized, again. This review is a second part of the brand review, you really should read the previous one before this as I’ve explained a lot of aspects in it. It’s the review on My Face Cleanser


About Freshistry:

Freshistry is a brand new concept of buying skin and hair care products by customizing them online. We call them FRESHY’s because every product is freshly brewed for each one of you!

What makes us different?

You might not know how the products you buy were manufactured. We are there to keep things transparent!

Now you get a chance to experience fresh cosmetics and not only this, you get to select the type of base you want according to your skin/hair goals, mix your own choice of herbs as well as fragrance and tinge and brand it with your name.


Product Description:

My face cream was customized as such:

Screenshot_20170420-214138 (1)

I chose dry base which is supposed to make skin soft, supple and keep oil at bay. Main base ingredient is Basil which is supposed to tighten pores. I chose Rose as it was supposed to act like a sunscreen. Colour I selected is deep yellow ( more of a neon yellow actually). I went for white musk fragrance.


Price: 345/-for 120 gms + 50/- for extra potion of ingredient.

Availability: Only on their website, Freshistry



I know it looks like butterscotch ice cream and it’s very tempting to eat it all. I had really had high hope with this product but everything about it is wrong.

Packaging: It comes in same tub like packaging as their other products. The packaging is not very convenient and unhygienic. I accidentally sat on it and it survived the huge pressure which is quite impressive but it did ruin the packaging which makes me conclude, it is not for travelling.

Consistency and texture: For a face cream, the consistency is way to thick. It is a whipped cream consistency which does not want to blend into the skin easily. It is very oily to the feel and greasy when blended out.

Application: Suggested usage is to apply it to the face as you would normally apply a cream. I’ve used this product on my face just once! I rather prefer using this on my legs than anywhere else.

Final verdict: This cream is way to oily for me. Firstly, I thought I had made some mistake while creating but that’s not the case, then my friend said it’s an issue with the face cream as she had the same issue. It does not want to blend out! All time goes in to make it sink into my skin. It’s even oily for my arms which are on the drier side. It works well on my legs which are always dehydrated and dry but still there is the greasy feel which does not want to go. I’m fine with the smell and color of it. If you are someone who has dry skin, you might love this but it was a pass for me. But I use this everyday on my legs so it’s not going in waste.


Rating: 2/5

It was a dud review but some might enjoy it so if you are interested, talk to the brand, they’ll help you out!

Hope you like this review and if you did, make sure you are subscribed to my blog for more such reviews.

Love you all. xoxo- Bareen

13 thoughts on “Freshistry | Make Your Own Blend | My Face Cream Review”

  1. snehalboricha

    Really tempting! 😍😋
    Sad that the formula did not work out for you. It may work on extremely dry skin. ☺

  2. khadija Beauty

    I loved their fragrance and the packaging. But the moisturizer that I opted was very heavy for an oily skin peeps like me. Nice review 🙂

  3. Nice and honest review. Definitely love the packaging and idea of personalised skincare products. But they need to change the formula for oily skin I guess .

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