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If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you know what I’m going to talk about today (and if you don’t follow me, why though?). You know how excited I was when I received this beautiful pr package from Natures Absolutes and to be honest, it was the best one I’ve ever received.

Throwback to the brand, it’s the same one who makes my go-to, my holy grail oil, Argan oil. If you have read the review, you know how obsessed I am with that specific Argan oil and the brand. Seeing this oil and that it’s main constituent was Argan oil, I knew I’m going to love this one.


About Nature’s Absolutes:

Nature’s Absolutes is born out of our endless quest for healthy hair and skin. We, at Nature’s Absolutes offer an array of skin and hair care products, the authenticity and quality of which are completely uncompromised. We pride ourselves on delivering the best to make sure that your body gets the treatment and care it deserves. We care deeply about the environment and the experience we create for all those who come in touch with us and strive to set new standards of being an ethically conscious brand.

Nature’s Absolutes believes that beauty secrets from around the world merged with the knowledge of beauty essentials passed on for generations in India elevates the modern beauty experience. Our in house natural oil connoisseurs have added various carrier oils, essential oils and organically grown Indian herbs to make this unique oil, ensuring you have stronger, healthier, more voluminous hair.


Product Description:

  • Strong Tresses Oil is centred on argan oil which works as a highly effective, light weight hair serum by controlling frizzy hair; making them silky and manageable.
  • It soothes a dry scalp and deeply nourishes hair, adding vibrance and lustre to your tresses.
  • In addition, this oil is a carefully blended with cold pressed sunflower, almond and olive oil which nourish hair right from the roots, adding strength to damaged and brittle hair that is prone to hair fall.
  • The addition of orange essential oil, cherry blossom essential oil and nigella seed oil further boost the goodness of this oil.
Fractionated Coconut oil, Cold pressed Sunflower oil, Cold pressed Almond oil, Cold pressed Olive oil, Cold pressed Moroccan Argan oil, Tea tree essential oils, Orange Essential oils, Cherry blossom Essential oil, vitamin E, Kaonji oil.
Directions to use:
For best results, use twice a week; massaging into the scalp at night before sleeping or at least 20 mins before shower. Perform a patch test on elbow, keep 3o mins. If irritation develops, discontinue use.
Price: 1499/- for 100 ml.
Availability:  Only available on Amazon.




Million times I’ve said this but I’ll say it again, The packaging is the most beautiful. I was in love with the outer box itself. There is a theme going on on their box as well as their inner carton which is so cute and elegant. Once I opened the box, it had the sweetest personalized letter for me and inside the crushed pink paper there was the main product surrounded with dried petals and leaves which were color and fragrance coated. My whole room was smelling like a beautiful garden as soon as I opened the box.

That was about the PR package, the main product came in this sturdy cardboard carton with all the details printed on it which is very luxurious and pretty for the money you are spending. The bottle is an opaque white bottle with pista green label on it. There is a metal pump which is heavy and good quality and not just coated with gold paint. The label doesn’t get greasy if you touch it with oily hands which I love. The pump has a twisting nozzle which helps avoid accidental spillage. Overall, the packaging is PERFECT! I couldn’t expect more.



The advised usage is twice a week and I stick to the same. I mostly apply it overnight as it gives the best result but if in any case, I forget to oil a day prior, I use this with aloe vera gel and massage the mixture on the scalp and rinse it off after an hour. You need maximum 6-7 pumps of it for your whole hair as the pump does not dispense much product. It can also be used as a serum but as my hair are on oily side this summer, it gets a bit greasy but if you have dry hair, you can use this as a serum as well as oil therapy.


Who doesn’t like oils which smell good? we all do! This oil has a weird hint of smell. Originally, Argan oil has a bit foul smell which I’m not a big fan of but thank goodness this oil doesn’t share the same smell. According to my brother, it is a bit gingery. It has a earthy and woody hint to it. The smell is pleasant and very mild, it won’t linger for a long time.


The consistency of this product is very light and that’s why is suggested to use as serum as well. It is somewhat oily but not extremely greasy on the hair. It is very thin which makes it easy to apply all over without using too much product. It is very easy to wash off without using excess shampoo and ripping off the nutrients it provided.


Final Verdict:

Do I even need to mention it? You already know how I feel about this and how much I love this. But there are few things you must know before buying this right away:

  1. This oil leaves your hair soft, silky, shiny and obviously strong, but it’s not the best to control hair fall or dandruff. So I would suggest this to someone who has very thin brittle hair. It will definitely solve your hair problems.
  2. There are more variants to this range naming: Long Tresses, for longer hair. Lush Tresses, for voluminous hair. So you can choose your oil according to your hair type and issues.
  3. It is better than the high-end chemical serum/ heat protectants  as it is rich with natural oil. Can be used as serum by taking small quantities just on roots.

Everyone from my family is using this and loving it. It leaves your hair the smoothest. It gives a spa like feel every time you step out of the shower. Funny incident,the first time I used this, I was visiting my friends place (Hi if you are reading this!) and he suddenly asked me, why do your hair look so shiny today how do you maintain them? And I couldn’t stop laughing as the only new thing I used that day was this oil, without serum or anything. For being a person who has colored her hair multiple times, people don’t expect my hair to be as good as new and they are mostly not, but the feels this oil gives me is amazing.

I know the price range is high but if you give your hair a splurge, it will always be thankful for that. Also, I’m using this for a month now with my family and I’ve just finished 1/8th of the bottle so it will last you a very long time.


  • Packaging is Perfect.
  • Travel friendly.
  • Multi-purpose product.
  • Gives smoothest and strong hair.
  • Better than High-end chemical serums.
  • Spa like treatment every time you wash your hair.
  • Natural, Vegan and Made in India.
  • Helps with elasticity of hair.


  • Bit expensive.

I will not say it is a must have but if you love your hair and want to give it that extra TLC then this is the perfect option.

I love this brand and all the products I’ve tried from them. They have wide range of essential oils, carrier oils and treatment oils so go to amazon and find the perfect oil for yourself. This is B13 approved.

This package was sent to me and is a sponsored post but all the opinions about the product are true

Thanks for making till the end but I can’t stop talking about the stuff I love. Till next time, Stay happy and Stay Gorgeous.

Love you all. xoxo- Bareen.

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  1. snehalboricha

    I tried their rosehip oil on my hairs and loved it! Did not know that they have something for hairs too! 😃

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