Gillette Venus Breeze 2 in 1 Razor Review


Let’s talk about something which has taken over all internet with it’s beauty and uniqueness. Yes, I’m talking about the recently launched Gillette Venus Breeze. I was swoon over the packages all the blogger were receiving and I wanted it too. I didn’t get the package but they were really kind enough to send the product itself. I’ve heard mixed reviews about this but since I got the chance, I would really like to share my opinion with my loved readers.


Product description:

Now smooth skin is just a shave away! The all new Gillette Venus Breeze razor for women is the secret to a time saving shave. It is built with flexible shave gel bars and contains rich body butters for a light lather. A smooth glide that makes no need for separate shave gel or soap.

  • 3 Spring-mounted blades with telomer coating with shower storage.
  • Gives a smooth and silky shave
  • This razor is gentle on skin
  • Easy to use and convenient to carry


Price: 299/- for Razor + Breeze Cartridge

Link to purchase: Available at Nykaa



It was the packaging and the floral carton which wanted me to get hands on this so bad! I love purple hues so much that my room is purple and smells like lavender (yes I’m serious) I love the colour theme of the Breeze range. The razor has a beautiful lavender coloured clear plastic wand with a rubber grip, which makes it easy to hold and it helps to keep a good control while shaving. I love this luxurious packaging. It also has a clip section that holds the cartridge in its place strongly. Overall, the packaging is sturdy and travel-friendly.


After assembling the product, you need to wet the razor and use it on the desired area. I won’t lather up very much but will provide you soapy film on skin which will make it easy to shave. One slide takes off most of hair and you don’t need to go over the same area twice. The cartridge is quite flexible hence making it convenient to get to all the curves. Due to the bars, you won’t get any kind of cuts or burns. Good for shaving arms, underarms and legs. The soap bars don’t provide enough lather for shaving of bikini area. The quality and quantity of the bars is quite satisfactory. I saved both my legs and arms and have finished more than half of the gel bars which is good because it will let me replace it faster which is hygienic and what I anyways do. I always suggest to not to use blades more than 2-3 shaves. Usage of this is best as far as I’ve ever experienced with a razor.


Final thoughts:

I’ve never enjoyed a shaving experience in my lifetime as much as I’ve loved this one. I had to shave half my body which if you know can be so time consuming and frustrating but while using this, I didn’t even realised where time went. It gets rid of all hair so smoothly that you literally don’t feel you are using a razor. My favourite thing about this product has to be the smell! It smells so floral-y and beautiful. But the best is yet to come. My skin never feels so smooth even after waxing as much as it did after using this razor. Everyone complains about the roughness we get after shaving but it was not so in this case. Skin feels very nourished and soft post usage.

I know by now you might be thinking it’s best razor ever but wait there are few cons too. After few days of shaving, I get itchy skin due to the micro hair poking the skin which is frustrating. I thought, as it contains body butters and all good stuff in the gel bars, it might not make my skin itch but I was wrong. Yes I do have solution for that itching which I always use but I was expecting this to perform better in those terms. The major problem which everyone complain about is the storage. After usage, the bars are really soapy which makes it difficult to store the cartridge attach to the razor as it invites all kind of dirt and bacteria. Also the holder in which the razor body comes doesn’t have place to keep the razor as whole, you need to remove the blades. So what I do is, I keep the blades in the small blade box which it comes in and then put he razor body and blade box into the original box. Also don’t keep it in bathroom where it’s moist. Store in dry place.


  • Very pretty and luxurious.
  • Affordable.
  • Smells fantastic.
  • Very smooth and effortless shaving.
  • Doesn’t give cuts.
  • Leaves skin smoothest.
  • Blade lasts 2-3 uses.


  • Doesn’t help with post shave itching.
  • Storage problem.

So will I suggest it? Yes I will! I find this one better than the original one because it’s very convenient and gives better results. So if you are thinking to get this, surely give it a try but keep the cons in mind before buying.

Hope you like the review. Thank you for your precious time. Till next time, stay gorgeous.

Love you all. xoxo- Bareen.

12 thoughts on “Gillette Venus Breeze 2 in 1 Razor Review”

  1. snehalboricha

    I am a shaving person! 🙌 And I would want to try this razor just from its purple color! 😍 Sad to know that your skin itches, make sure you try some post shave skincare and take care! ☺

  2. khadija Beauty

    Very well reviewed. It works well for legs. But if the hairs are small then it becomes super annoying to shave with this razor. The soap bars on either side are too big and because of that the blade doesn’t come in contact with the smaller hairs.

    1. Yes, it requires more pressure to get them but as you use the bars more, they get smaller and more convenient

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