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Wassup Fam!!! How are you doing?! With the college fest done, I took a rest time from everything due to too much of exertion. Well now I’m back and to compensate the absence, I’ll try my best to post a new blog everyday till the new year! What say?

Coming to the blog, I recently collaborated with this amazing brand called Greenberry Organics and they gave me a 99% coupon to shop from Amazon. I was in a fix on which product to choose because all of their products are so awesome. I stuck with trying few of them at first. The reason I wished to collaborate with them was the 3 in 1 mud face care so that was definitely the first product I chose.

3 in 1 Mud face care:61hv8-lhkul-_sl1500_

Description: Well, now is that savory moment. 1. Do you also use the words “problem” and “skin” in the same sentence and that too with a negative tone! It’s time we change that with our 3 in 1 formula that has cleanser, scrubber and mask packed in one. 2. It has activated charcoal to suck out all the dust and impurities you are exposing your skin to in your daily life. 3. The walnut shell powder helps scrub off all the dead skin giving your younger skin cells a chance to breathe free and glow brightly. 4. Add to that the wonders of Kaolin clay and chamomile extracts and you have got yourself the perfect mask to revive every bit of your face. 5. The biggest WOW factor – use it daily as a cleanser, twice as a scrubber or right before those happening weekends as a mask and your skin will thank you every minute for this super pampering care. | Product is free from Silicons, Mineral Oil, Petrolatum, DEA, TEA, Phthalates, Phosphates, Artificial fillers.


I always believed a multi use product works best as a particular claim and not all of them but this has proved me wrong. The first time I used this product, I applied it as a mask on my moist face and noticed it had scrubbing particles so I while applying I used scrubbing motion. After 10 minutes, I applied some more water to scrub the face and wash it off, it was then I realized that it was foaming up. I was really surprised as it really was a mask, scrub and a face wash. After using it just once, I saw so much of difference in my skin. My skin felt tight and firm and it got rid of all the oil. I won’t suggest it for dry skin as it is drying and tightening. I’m using this everyday as a face cleanser by the end of the day to get rid of all the dirt and pollution. During the fest, I had to stay out the whole day and this product has really helped me rejuvenate my skin by end of day. It has replaced my all time fave mask and has bagged the no. 1 rank. * Comment if you want to see my face mask collection*. This product is really inexpensive. 399/- for 100gms.

Link to order it.

Juniper berry Orange and peppermint oil body wash:61bxl69gnl-_sl1500_

Description: Sometimes a lot of things are just not in our favour. Thank God, skincare is not one of them! Make the most of your shower time by giving your skin all the care it needs through this body wash. 1. One stubborn skin problem – Cellulite. But we got the perfect solution for it through Juniper Berry Oil. Need we say more! 2. Also, it provides relief from any kind of skin irritation as quickly as the snap of your fingers. 3. Oily skin kills the charm for many and so, we have added Orange oil specifically to provide you with an oil-free, smooth skin. 4. Cool off your body and get rid of any and all dullness. The true essence of bathing captured right there. 5. Give your skin an all round benefit of bath and also invigorate your senses to fresh and clean feeling. | Product is free from Silicons, Mineral Oil, Petrolatum, DEA, TEA, Phthalates, Phosphates, Artificial fillers.


To be honest, I chose this product just on the packaging. All of their products have A+ packaging. I love the font and cutesy bottle. This product has completely blown my mind. I seriously didn’t expect so much from it. It gave me everything which the mcaffeine body wash promised but failed to deliver. Every morning it packs me with freshness and energy. It smells like the orange peppermint candy which I used to eat as a child. I use it on my face too because it gives all minty feel and wakes me up. Love the consistency of it, it’s like jelly and not too flowy which I hate. Ifyou are looking for body wash, I strongly suggest you to try this. This product also is inexpensive. 299/- for 200ml

Link to order it.

They have many more amazing products but as I have so many more products to try I didnt try more but I’m soon purchasing the Cocoa butter body butter as my friend has spoken so well about it.

Hope you like the review and do tell me whether you would try it or not. Stay tuned and subscribe to my blog for updates on new blogs. Follow me on my social medias for behind the scene fun.

love you all.xoxo.


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