Herb Island Ayurvedic Therapy Hair Oil Review


DSC_0119Doesn’t it feel good when international brands are inspired and interested in the rich ayurvedic history of India? Of course it does!

I know I mostly review brands on this blog which are Made in India and I feel proud about it but it’s also a privilege to work with an international brand which launched in India recently and by all means is desi even though having it’s roots in Australia. I know you are already interested to know more about it, so without wasting time, lets read more about the brand.


About Herb Island:

At Herb Island, we believe in borrowing from nature rather than looting it of all its richness. We don’t see ourselves simply as manufacturers, rather, we facilitate the transformation of nature’s creation into a slightly easier to consume form. To manufacture, would mean to create something that would be artificial. Our philosophy is that of poeisis – A Greek word that represents the idea of bringing forth – we only reveal the gift of nature, in an easy to use form. We work with nature, not against it, to bring you a product free from violence. Violence: neither against nature, nor against your body. Our products have the protective touch of Mother Nature – no Paraben, no SLS and no Formaldehyde.

We harvest our high quality, natural ingredients in a completely green and sustainable manner. Fresh extracts used in our products ensure super foods that are true to their elementary self – just as intended by nature. Our products are free from genetically modified and chemically enhanced ingredients. We also do not add any harmful fillers or synthetic bases like Petroleum based oils, which can be terrible to the human body in the long run. Just natural herbs and organic ingredients.

To ensure consistency of our offering, we ensure that all our suppliers of raw materials also share our philosophy. This leads to a high degree of quality right from the start, to the point when you get our product.


Product Description:

This unique blend of 16 essential herbs and 4 oils is made with Kshir Pak Vidhi which works on your hair over the night to make it strong, smooth and shiny. It stops premature hairfall and prevents headache and sleeplessness.


  • Mineral Oil & Formaldehyde Free
  • Reduces Hair Fall
  • Prevents Premature Graying
  • Makes Hair Smooth and Shiny
  • Relives Headache

Directions To Use:

Warm small quantity of oil. Massage onto the scalp gently and apply till the ends. Leave it overnight.

Price: 100 ml for 199 INR and 200 ml for 349 INR


Triphala, Bhringraj, Brahmi, Henna, Almond Oil, Castor Oil, Coconut Oil, Sesame Oil, Jatamansi, Nagarmotha, Sankhpushpi, Ricebran oil and Olive oil.

Availibility: Currently only available at their website, Herb IslandI have 20% off for you! Just use ‘Bareen20’ while checkout.




Packaging of their products is quite satisfactory. Oil comes in a plastic bottle with gold coated plastic cap which looks luxurious. The quality is very sturdy and leak free. The only issue I have with this is the labels, as I have mentioned previously, I appreciate a good laminated product label so that it doesn’t get dirty when the water is splashed or oil gets dropped. You can easily travel with it without worrying about leakage or mess.

It also has the herbs saturated in the oil which makes it even more effective. There are various kind of herbs and that lets you know that you are putting all the nature’s goods in your scalp.


Apply good amount of oil in your scalp massaging thoroughly and running down the remaining oil down the ends. There are no specific instructions on how many times you have to use it but with my experience I can suggest, once a week would be sufficient but if you are looking for intensive care, you can use it twice or thrice a week. I use it one a week and it’s highly suggested to keep it overnight. I often oil my hair for an hour before washing when I’m is hurry but not with this. It better to keep overnight for best results.

Consistency and texture:

The best thing about this product which I found was it’s texture and consistency. As you guys already know, I constantly try new hair oils and I have many of them, from thin- serum like to thick- heavy oiling treatment. You don’t always like that greasy heavy oils in your head which makes you want to wash them off asap, do you? Well I don’t and those kind of oil work their magic in short span of time. But for an over night oil therapy you don’t want your oil to be neither thin nor very thick. This oil has the best in-between consistency which makes your hair and head feel very light and relaxed.


Aroma plays an important role in ayurveda. This oil smells very pleasant and not at all over powering. Applying this before going to sleep calms the senses, putting you in a good night sleep. It also helps with sickness and headache, I know because I was facing the issues of insomnia and headache for long time.


Final thoughts:

I can’t believe from a oil hating person, I’ve turned into a person who cannot go through her week without oiling at-least once and it’s all due to oils like this! My hormones were going haywire for past month causing lots of skin and hair issues like hair fall. I was using the Satthwa hair oil and it was helping me alot with it. Then when I received this oil, I wanted to test this out and I was so surprised with the results. This oil is a very close match to the Satthwa oil (Yes! I’m comparing this to The Satthwa oil)

Everyone is my family is using this and everybody is really impressed which you can already tell by how much I’ve used this up. We’ve finished more than half the bottle is less than two weeks. You literally need few drops of this and it will be enough.

It really helps with the hairfall, premature greying of hair, headache, insomnia and distress. It is really worth a try and you wont be disappointed.

Also, I have 20% off for you! Just use ‘Bareen20’ which check out from their site, Herb Island.


  • Affordable.
  • Good packaging.
  • Travel friendly.
  • True to all it claims.
  • Cruelty free, Vegan, Natural.
  • Helps with Hairfall.
  • Lightweight and effective.

Cons: None.

Just get this, it’s the best buy. Sizes available so you don’t need to spend a lot for testing this out.

Hope you like this review. Share your opinion about this oil and whether or not you are interested in trying this out.

Till next time, Stay happy and gorgeous. Love you all. xoxo- Bareen.

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  2. Hey, this seems like so useful for me. I have a problem of hair loss as well as frequent headache due to stress. This will work for me. I have never read before about such a extremely useful article regarding herbal oil. I really like this. Thank you for sharing this.

  3. This is the most epic and powerful way to bring peace of mind. I am really interested in this therapy. I must say this is Ayurveda’s great gift to us. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. All these herbs are so useful and powerful.

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