How To Slay 2k16!

Happy New Year buddies!!!!! I wish you all the happiest new year and hope all of you to slay this year. With the new year here, I thought to start it with something motivational and inspiring. Don’t worry I won’t be giving you the mediocre speech on how you should spend your year, what your resolutions should be, etc etc. I’ll just tell you few things that worked for me past year and how I have developed through it. I haven’t changed myself or anything, just few things I adapted and learned. So if you wanna slay this year, keep reading…

1. 2016 has gone.

I don’t know how 2016 was for you. If it was bad just forget all that as it gone, no need of crying on that. But! Even if it was good for you, forget all that too. Focus on how you can make this year even better. Remember just the lessons and try to use them to improve.

2.Plan your year, make resolutions.

I know Planning the year and making resolutions never came true. I make resolutions which I try to make happen but if they don’t I know I tried my best and the year was not a total waste. Maybe some might even come true and one from ten might make you happier by the end of year.

3. Learn something new.

This is the most important thing and everyone must do this. Make a list of your likings and hobbies, Like learning some musical instruments, start yoga classes, Travelling somewhere new, learn driving and so much more. Even facing your fears counts. These are little things which will make you happy.

4. Do whatever you really want to do.

Many of us or most of us don’t get to perceive our dreams and are pushed in the race to survive rather than a race to live. I know this because I have faced this too and I have found the way to follow my love for passion through this platform. So if your family doesn’t permit, find your own way to follow your dream. Be adamant about it and you will surely find a path.

5. To hell with “what will others say”.

I know there are so many people around who just by saying something discourage you. I was a person who used get so affected by the slightest negative comment and that was the reason why I didn’t make my blogging official to everyone, not even my family. But since I did, I came to know the people who appreciate it are so many that they over shadow the negativity. Just remember if maximum people are loving your work, you are doing it right and if there are few who don’t like what you are doing, well, they are just jealous of your awesomeness. But do pay attention to the constructive criticism.

6. Accept who and what you are and be proud of yourself.

I always say and believe in the quote, ” Fall in love with yourself first”. Accepting who you are and what you are will surely change your perceptive of life. Never try to be someone who you are not for anyone. If people don’t like you for who you are, it’s their loss because you are awesome.

And most importantly, Live it how you want, Don’t count things you have achieved, Count the things and moments which made you happy.

Hope you found this words of wisdom by St. Bareen helpful 😛 and just wish you to be happy through the highs and lows of the year. Share love and happiness*and also this blog :P”.

Have the best time of your life. Love you all. xoxo

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