IKINAKI: Splurge Cocoa and Lavender Body Butter Review

DSC_0486Hello Fam! How is your weekend going?

Few weeks back, Ikinaki contacted me and they wanted to send me a goodie bag to try the products and get to know more about their brand. To be honest, I’m so tied up with my studies that I wasn’t sure that I would be able to give them equal justice but I visited their profile and it was quite interesting so I agreed to it and I’m so thankful.

They sent me a goodie bag containing 4 products which I’ll be reviewing individually. First from the series we have the Splurge Cocoa and Lavender Body butter. To Know more bout it keep scrolling but before that, lets get to know more about IKINAKI.


Ikinaki is a discovery and sampling platform for premium brands in Health Food, Aromatherapy and Personal Care. We feature products and samples from niche and upcoming, premium, high quality brands and send personal recommendations in the form of free samples with every order on our website.
Our aim is to help customers discover niche brands and great products through the process of giving out free samples with every order. The sample recommendations are related to the purchase made. A customer who’s ordered a health bar, might be sent a free sample of a protein bar. If they like it, they can then spend on the full sized pack. And the cycle of discovery continues.
Our ultimate aim is to help customers Explore More through free trials.


Product Description:

A combination of Shea butter, Cocoa butter, Almond oil and Lavender oil blended together perfectly to help rejuvenate your skin. Rich in Vit E, our body butter gives your skin the nourishment it needs. It keeps your skin moisturized leaving it smooth and desirable. You can’t go wrong with this one!

Price: 360 INR for 50 gm

Ingredients: Sweet Almond oil, Olive oil, Wheat germ oil, Nutmeg, Sandalwood, Shea butter, Cocoa butter, Vit.E, Veg Glycerin, Lavender oil, Distilled water, 2-Phenoxyethanol (paraben-free), Fragrance

Directions for use: Gently massage the butter on desired area. Best applied at night for optimum results. One can use it 2-3 times a day.

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The first thing I noticed from the bag I received was this product. It looks so sophisticated and elegant. The packaging is minimal yet very pretty. It comes in the best quality transparent plastic jar which feels like glass. The labels are stick on and around the jar. There is inner lid which prevents spillage. I love the monotonous packaging and I know you love it too.


The fragrance is something which puts me off. It has a bit of earthy scent with a slight minty hint. It’s a bit over powering and not my fav. It does not last for a long time on the skin so not much of an issue.


The consistency of this body butter is something which came to me as a surprise. Often, body butters are these thick creams which take gazillion years to blend and sink into the skin. But this, the texture for this is very milky and light. It sinks into the skin like a lotion. It leaves tiniest bit of greasiness and even that goes away after few minutes.


I use this after having bath all over my body and my skin feels amazing. You can use this after shaving or waxing as it is very soothing to the skin. The best suggested way is at night as it’s best time to pamper your skin. You don’t need much amount as it glides on very easily.

Final verdict:

It’s like a dream for me to find my perfect body butter and this is very close. It is a very luxurious skin care product. If you have dry skin, this is a really good product. Trying this, I want to try more product from them. The quality is A+ and worth the money you are spending.


If you are looking for a one stop destination to shop the best of natural, herbal skincare, you should visit this site and I’m sure you’ll find something for yourself. I’ve also found some amazing products which are in my cart and I’m gonna purchase soon. They carry some of my favourite brands which you’re gonna know about soon.

Hope you liked this review and if you did do share it with your friends and comment your thoughts.

Thank you for your time. Love you all. xoxo- Bareen.

13 thoughts on “IKINAKI: Splurge Cocoa and Lavender Body Butter Review”

  1. Even though most of the composition of this product seems clean yet it is the fragrance part that ruffles me. Fragrance, perfume or parfum is a highly misleading term which hides countless chemicals, mostly toxic that can be added without being mentioned.
    Kindly get it clarified from the brand, Bareen as to what is being added under fragrance. If the brand stays schtum, we know the answer.


    1. The scent of the product is not artificial or chemical. It is Woody and herbal so I don’t think there is an issue of external fragrance added. It’s natural so they might have retained the smell instead of adding lavender or cocoa scent to it.

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