IKINAKI: Wild Earth Rose Honey Face and Body Wash Review


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Welcome to the second part of the IKINAKI haul. First product from this series was Splurge Body Butter. Today I’ll me writing about, you might already have guessed, Wild Earth Rose honey body wash. So lets run down through the product in brief.



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Product Description:

Add the freshness of rose petals to your everyday bath. The luscious combination of honey and rose works wonderfully to give you a clean yet non drying shower. Keep smelling like a rose long after you step out of your bath!

Directions to use: Take a small amount and apply to wet skin. Lather and rinse well!

Price: 250/- for 100 ml.

IKINAKI purchase: Click Here.


PackagingIt is packed in a cardboard carton with all detailed sticked. Comes in a plastic bottle with metal cap. The is no pump or hole to control the flow of product which is slightly inconvenient. Travel friendly and travel efficient.

Fragrance: Strong rosy scent similar to ‘rooh afza’. Slightly bothering.

Usage: Can be used as face wash as well as body wash.

Consistency: The product is a bit on thinner side, not too much but a little. It lathers up easily on its own but might take more product while using with loofah.

Final verdict:

If you are looking for a good shower gel, this is very good and affordable option. Though it says face wash, it is more suitable as body wash. If you are not bothered by rose smell, you won’t have issues with it.

This was my mini review of the product.

If you are interested to buy from this brand, explore more on IKINAKI as they have huge range of products and you get samples with each purchase which is a win win.

Hope you like my mini but to the point review.

Till next time, stay gorgeous. Love you all. xoxo – Bareen.

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