InstaGlam Beauty Saffron Shampoo and Conditioner Review


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Today, I’ll be reviewing a product which just took me with a shock. You know there are few products which you have zero expectations with but they turn out to be the best thing you’ve tried. This is one of them. Sorry for judging a book by it’s cover but I’m glad I’ve been proved wrong. But seriously, don’t let the packaging throw you off with their products.

About InstaGlam:

InstaGlam is an Instagram beauty store which provides handmade, natural and organic beauty products for your skin and hair problems. It specializes in Beauty therapy, aroma therapy and skin aesthetics.

Check out their Profile on Instagram.

You can also contact them at: +7045668514

Product Description:



Shampoo: 275/- for 200 ml

Conditioner: 175/- for 75 gms



So few weeks back, I received this package full of samples from this brand which I was excited to put to the test.

If you know me, you know I’m super cautious about what I put on my hair. When I first received this I wasn’t sure if it will suit my hair most high end products don’t but I still wanted to give them a fair shot.

The first time I tried this I just used these two products and nothing else before or after it. Not kidding but I seriously didn’t require any kind of serum as my hair were in such good state. My hair were soft and manageable.

The shampoo is very cleansing and soft on the hair. As it’s completely natural, your hair don’t feel heavy with chemicals. It gets rid of oil easily.

I love the conditioner more than the shampoo. Sad thing is the quantity, I use alot of conditioner on my hair and i’m already done with this one and I can’t get more out of it.

It’s very rare that I love products all by themselves. I’m really happy with these and will surely recommend this to those who have dry frizzy hair.


  • Needs better packaging.
  • No proper details on the pamphlet.
  • Somewhat expensive.

Hope you like this review. More such reviews coming your way!

Thanks for reading thill end. Love you all. xoxo – Bareen.

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