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Hola buddies! How are you doing? So I want to do something different today and I’m shocked I haven’t spoke about this before in my blog, My Hair care! I get so many questions about my hair, How I take care of them, Whats my routine, etc and it was time I talked about my hair. But then I got a collaboration with a brand called KrishKare which is a skincare/ hair care brand which is all SLS paraben free brand. I thought of trying hair products rather than skin products because I always go for skincare and I loads of them and less time to try them all and also I’m pretty sure you are bored with my skin care reviews too this is the time you go down and comment “no we are not!”

The brand gave me 30% off to shop from their website and I chose the following products:

  1. Argan Oil Ultra Hydrating Hair Mask – 590/- for 500 gms
  2. Argan Oil Moisture Vitality Shampoo+Conditioner Travel Pack – 380/- for 100 ml each bottle


If you know, well obviously, I have coloured hair and I need to take extra care of them. But I never do. But when I saw these products are infused with Argan Oil, I knew they will be good for my hair. So I’ve been using this products for 2 weeks now and I think it’s time to give proper review about them now. Today I used just these products to give you proper visuals about how this works. And if you are wondering if I blowdry my hair everytime then no! I just did it today if that makes my hair frizzy, dry or anything else.


1. Argan Oil Moisture Vitality Shampoo+ Conditioner Travel Pack:

DSC_0054I have real weird hair care routine which my mom tells don’t write about it otherwise you will spoil others too. But that routine works amazingly for me and I’ll write about it in another blog soon. Since I cut my hair, My hair are doing very good. They have grown so much in just 2 months which usually takes more than 6 months for me. But with that I have fear of dry ends and split ends. This Shampoo and conditioner are average for me. Well no doubt they are nice but there are few things which I wanted it to do but they didn’t do. These are just personal Preferences and these may vary from hair type to type.


  • Great for dry hair
  • Comes in a travel pack which makes it very convenient to travel with.
  • Gives nice amount of volume to hair.
  • Repairs hair, Prevents from damage due to heating tools.
  • Doesn’t tangle the hair and leaves them super smooth.
  • Hair feel so smooth and shiny all the time.


  • Expensive for 200ml of product. (but contains argan oil so can be ignored)
  • After washing my hair, they usually get in particular style without styling it which I love but this product they don’t stay how I would I them to be.
  • My hair gets frizzy, not dry frizzy but they just get so much volume that they need to be tamed using serum so If you have flat hair, this will work on you.
  • If you have oily scalp, it will get oily easily and you would need to wash them frequently which is not good. So I would suggest you to use this on ends only.
  • Bad packaging, no pump or nozzle to get desired amount of product which leads to excess product coming out.

This review was only using these two products and not the hair mask.


2. Argan Oil Ultra Hydrating Hair Mask:

Hair Mask is the best thing you could do to your hair. Don’t have time to do regular hair spa? just get a good hair mask and use it once a week to get amazing hair! I usually do a homemade hair mask which helps my coloured hair so much and leave them healthy and shiny. Previously, I used to use the Loreal Mythic Oil Hair Mask which did amazing stuff for my hair but I didn’t repurchase it because its expensive. But when I saw this I knew I had to get this.

How I use It: After shampooing my hair, I use this mask and apply a light amount of product building it up and massage my hair. Then I tie it up with a clip in a bun for 10-15 mins, wash rest of body. Then rinse it off nicely.


  • Makes my hair very healthy, smooth, shiny and nourishing.
  • Prevents the hair from any kind of damage.
  • Doesn’t tangle the hair.
  • Good value of money and worth every penny.
  • Volumising.
  • Great for coloured, Chemically treated, Straightened hair.
  • You know how good the product is by availibility of the product and this is mostly out of stock. So not only me, everyone loves it.


  • Hate the packaging. The lid is not tight which leads to leakage. Dipping hands too many time may lead to spoiling of product.
  • Same issue as the shampoo and conditioner, makes hair unmanageable and needs to be tamed using other serums.

So this was my review for the products. I would rate 3/5 for Shampoo and Conditioner and I would rate 4.5/5 for the hair mask.

Brand also sent me sample of their two products: Skin Whitening Cream and Skin repair gel. I won’t talk about them now because I loved one of them so so much that I have ordered the full size of it and soon will be sharing it with you.

I would highly highly suggest you to try out the hair mask. With the colouring, straightening, smoothening trend, hair are getting so damaged and you must must take care of you hair. If you want to see complete hair care routine the comment below. Thanks for reading it till the end.

Have a nice day. Love you all.xoxo




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