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To complete the KrishKare Trivia, I’m back and this time a bit sooner! So if you are interested to know about some amazing samples, grab a cup of coffee and scroll down..

So as You know, I did a detailed review on the newly launched dead sea mud mask few days back, with that I received a generous amount of samples of their newly launched products and I was so happy to try them. So the samples I received are:

1. Krishkare Sun rescue gel mask:


Surprisingly, I’m getting no information of this product. Not on their site neither anywhere else.

This is a pomegranate and green tea gel mask. It has a slight pink tinge to it. This is supposed to be targeted to sun damage like tan, sun burns, etc. My skin is very sensitive to sun and that’s why I was excited to try this. To be honest, I love this mask so much more than the dead sea mask because it is so soothing and perfect for summer time as it actually helps with tan. Sadly, I have not much to tell about it but if I get more info, I’ll share on my social media.


2. Krishkare Modelling face mask in Yogurt:

Price: 150/- one time use.

Link to buy: click here

Product description: Yogurt modeling face mask keeps skin hydrated by preventing moisture evaporation from the surface. Anti-aging properties help tighten skin. When the mask dries, the skin is gently pushed together to prevent fine lines and wrinkles. It also helps in contracting the pores which enables nutritional benefit to reach in.Aloe Vera extracts soothe skin, clear scars and reduce discoloration over time.This yogurt face mask will help moisturize skin, fight acne, prevent premature aging, relieve sunburn, and reduce discoloration.


This the most unique mask I’ve ever used and I’ll tell you why soon. First of all I was really confused by the term modelling cup mask and had no idea what it meant. I was curious to try this and finally I got this as a sample to try out. The weird thing about this is, it dries down like a layer of clay as the name suggests. Remember the clay we used in schools to make models. Now you get the reference! The mask otherwise was pretty average for me. Maybe more uses out of it could tell me more but I had a one go, first impression shot at it.


3. EGF Anti Aging eye patch:


Product description: Eye patches for the dehydrated eye area to moisten and firm the skin using specially coated sheets to penetrate to skin.

Price: 499/- for two sachets.

Link to buy: click here.


I had seen this product on their website long ago and the dark circles reducing eye masks were in my wishlist until this arrived. Initially, I was going to give it to my mom to try and test this out but then I just used it myself today. It was my first time using eye mask. My eyes were so tired from travelling that I decided they need this TLC. I did a mistake while using this as I had to remove the plastic layer before using but I had no idea as there are no proper instructions on the back. But it was a good experience using this as my eyes feels awake and firm which I love. It is firming and hydrating which makes me conclude it will help with anti aging and prevent those under eye wrinkles so if you don’t need those in future, start using this now.


Hope you like these mini reviews of each. I highly suggest you to try the gel mask because it’s really amazing.

Thanks for making till the end. Love you all. xoxo. – Bareen.

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