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Hi guys!! Welcome to my blog. Today I’ll be doing review on one of the most hyped mascara of all time, The lash sensation mascara by Maybelline. It is a raved mascara on YouTube and I had to get my hands on it so when my mom dad were to visit Turkey I gave them a big list of products I want ( though they got only two). So I’ll stop the rambling and get on the review.img_20161007_115753951

Tbh, I’m not a mascara person. I were lenses and mascara just makes my eyes irritated. I’m very lazy and restless, applying mascara waiting for it to dry and then my hands will always be touching the lashes removing the mascara and removing it is pain in the a** literally. But I wanted to change that and get used to mascaras so I got this.

Sorry I don’t know the price because I got it from Turkey and its not available in India yet.


Packaging is really pretty. It’s pink with black font. The wand is nice too. It doesn’t come with a box but is wrapped in cello tape which is the worst thing as it leaves that wierd stickyness which doesn’t go.


I wanted a mascara who gave instant volume and length to my lashes and this mascara is supposed to have Lash multiplying brush lashes which makes them look multiplied and fuller. duh! It does not do any of that stuff. It’s a good everyday mascara but not like super extraordinary. It gives nice jet black colour and we need to apply two to three coats of it to get optimum results. It does not dry fast what so ever and as I said I am not a patient person and get this mascara all over my face and clothes. The best part is that it’s not waterproof! I hate waterproof mascara as they are hard to remove and my eyes get iirritated, while this won’t get smudged by little water but will get removed easily if you use one swap of makeup remover of wash it with soap which is a big yay. If you have sensitive eyes like me then this won’t irritate your eyes. It’s very light on eyes, does not clump because it has two way wand, one side lengthens and other seperates the lashes. img_20161007_122743178_hdrIt has a bit of curve to get every lashes. It is good for lower lashes too.


  • Good for everyday use.
  • Suitable for lens wearers and sensitive eyes
  • Not clumpy.
  • Washable.


  • Not very volumising.
  • Not available in India.
  • Doesn’t dry quickly.

Rating: 3/5

Better mascaras are available in India like the hyper curl mascara and falsies from Maybelline itself. I won’t suggest anyone to buy it, you rather invest in other Maybelline or Loreal mascaras like million lashes or superstar mascara recently launched.

Hope you like the review though it’s a thumbs down from me! Thanks for reading the review. Hope you have a good day ahead.

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Lots of love!! Xoxo💙

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