Maybelline Super Stay 24H Lipcolor Swatches and Review


Hey Buddies, ssup?! I finally got done with my sem exams and I can finally write to you guys!! Maybelline is on fire with their new launches and that makes me crazy. They recently launched this Super Stay 24H lipcolor which claims to last the whole day. It is a two way lipcream, one side is normal liquid lipstick and other side is a lip balm to lock the lipstick in place.


Apply a thin layer of the liquid lipstick. Wait for some time for it to dry. Apply the lipbalm to seal and moisturize your lips.

Price: 600/-


  • Everlasting Wine: Beautiful maroonish wine shade
  • Timeless Rose: Pinkish nude with slight shimmer.



It comes in a transparent plastic box with all the information written on it. Inside, It’s a dual sided tube. Overall it’s an okay packaging. But the applicator for me was a turn down.



Before saying anything else I’ll just start with ‘Don’t even think of buying it’. It’s just a horrible product. It says to apply a thin layer of product but it’s every uneven and patchy so then if you go to apply another layer, you are doomed. It gets so clumpy and when you rub your lips together the lipstick peels from other lip and sticks to another. Don’t even start me on the stickiness of the product, though it goes away after applying lipbalm I hate the weird shine it gives to the matte lipcream beneath. It is transfer proof whatsoever. After some time the lipbalm goes away and your lips start getting so so so dry. When you eat greasy food the lipstick starts fading from between and by the end of the day all you are left with is a lipline and super dry lips. In the shade timeless rose, the shimmer particles are not so visible while you are wearing the lippie but when it starts fading, the shimmer particles still stick on the lips and look weird.

pros and cons:

I think my review gave all the pros and cons and clearly there are more cons than pros so I would say it’s an epic fail and such product from Maybelline is really disappointing.

Rating: 1/5

The only thing I like about then are the shades but not like you wont get similar shades from other brands or lines. I would suggest Maybelline’s colorshow lipstick which retail around 300 ( 1/2 price of these ) and are way better than these lipsticks. So don’t waste 600 on this.

Hope you find this review helpful!! Thanks for giving your time and reading it!

Hope you have an amazing day.

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