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Hey my Viewers!! Sorry for the irregularity of my posts but it has been such busy time for me with so much going on. If you follow me on Instagram, I did a Unboxing of my PR. Recently, I came across a brand called M Caffeine and the name itself intrigued me so much that I had to collab with them.

About M Cafffeine:

M Caffeine is India’s first Energizing Personal care brand. It was found by a group of entrepreneurs passionate about start-ups and committed to scaling it up. They are Caffeine and they want you to be caffeine too. Their Products contain caffeine which will energize you and keep you fresh the whole day.

They gave me a blogger discount to shop their amazing products of my choice. It was a really tough decision to choose what to buy they I made up my mind on trying the Face wash and Shower gel. How thoughtful of them for sending a sample of the Body butter!!

1. Liquid Funk Caffeine Shower gel:dsc_0054

Description: MCaffeine Shower Gel – refresh, energize, charge. It’s never too early for a bit of bubbly, at least, not when we’re starting the day with this effervescent body wash. This caffeine-infused gel cleanses the skin while its bubbles and minty scent will leave you feeling revived and ready to raise a glass (of coffee, of course) to the day.

  • Hydrates the skin
  • Removes dead skin and gives a healthy glow
  • Caffeine soothes the skin and firms it
  • Reduces puffiness, and tones the skin

This Shower gel with taurine and vitamin E retails for 359/- and I must say it really wakes me up in the morning. It’s energizing and really helps in cleansing.Its true to its claims. It has a really nice masculine scent but it’s not prominent as you are using just a dime size amount. I love the packaging on these products. Its really slassy and good quality. The pump dispenses the right amount of product.

2. Fresh Pop Caffeine Face Wash:dsc_0055

Description: MCaffeine Fresh POP Caffeine Face Wash – meet your evening buddy. Formulated with caffeine, vitamins, and a refreshing citrus fragrance, this face wash brightens and energizes skin while removing dirt, surface oil, and impurities (without over-drying). And those are just the immediate effects; it also guards your skin from premature ageing. Aloe-vera extracts help your skin heal and neutralize the effect of pollutants. All in a day’s work.

  • Glycerin formula, gentle on the skin
  • Caffeine for that unmatched evening energy
  • Vitamin-E for a healthy skin
  • Aloe Vera extracts care for your skin

To be honest, I didn’t like this facewash at all! I was most excited about this product but there is something about this product which doesn’t suit me. I’m allergic to the scent of these product and no matter how much I try to ignore it, it’s so prominent that it lasts even after rinsing it. I have tried it quite a few time. It takes of all dirt and makeup at the end of the day. Its really very concentrated to use little amount or it might dry your skin.

3. Smooth Jazz Caffeine Body butter:dsc_0052

Description: Smooth Jazz Caffeine Body Butter – smooth indeed. This paraben-free formula contains a signature blend of natural emollients, extracts, and vitamins to soothe and moisturize skin. Vitamin E protects skin from free radical damage, while lanolin sinks in for lasting hydration. And of course Caffeine is there to tighten your skin, making you look younger. Here’s more, Pro Vitamin B5 and Vitamin C revitalize your skin, giving back its radiance.

    • Loaded with Vitamins
    • Pro Vitamin B5, Vitamin C, Vitamin E
    • Lanolin for an unmatched smoothness
    • Caffeine for a firm energized skin

I thank the M caffiene team for sending this sample and making me realize the mistakes I did while curating my cart. I am obsessed over this product. This smells like heaven and feels so nice on the skin. I put away all the other products since I got this. This is sample size product containing 25 g of product only and I already Hit the base with this. My skin feels so smooth since I’m using this and My skin hasn’t dried out this winter due to this product. I will recomend you all to try this out and I’m sure you will love it!!!


This is what I feel about the products I got but there are so many more products I need to try from them and I’m surely restocking the body butter. I have also heard good things about the face cream and its suitable for oily skin. Also they have hair care products which I’m really excited about. I’ll surely keep using the shower gel and body butter.

Go Check out their site to see their amazing Caffeine Range. They are also available on Amazon, purple.

PS: The Products dont smell anything near coffee which was bummer for me.

Hope you like the blog and do share thoughts on it. Have a nice day. Love you xoxo

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