Me now Longlasting lipgloss generation 2 review


Hello Beauties!!! Like I promised in the last blog, I got more shades and Im reviewing them for you once again. Well the thing is after I bought the shade 22 I wanted try more so i got it of . There were 2 sets of six S1 and S2, I went with S2 because looking at the pictures it looked it had more nudes. Well I was really disappointed by colours , it consists of pinks reds and maroon and most surprisingly it also contained shade 22. they also gave me two same shades 29 from which one i havent opened yet.


Shades given:

21: light pink

29: bright pink

22: purple

09: orange red

32: maroon



Honestly, i hate it… i dont like the colors. They are super drying, Sticky. When you apply second layer it just goes everywhere. Pain in the ass to remove. If you top it with a lipbalm or a lipgloss it looks better. it sets into the creases, cracks of. Well for me it was waste of money but it was set of 6 for 599/- so its no heart breaking.

Will i try more shades? never.

The shades I like from them are 22 and 21.




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