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Hello Everyone!!! I’m back with something so interesting that you would love… Well recently i had a trip to Mumbai and i was street shopping some stuff at Crawford market and there i saw a small shop of beauty and skincare stuff and i couldn’t help myself entering the shop to have look at what they had in stock (I was actually looking for miss Claire products ) and then i found this me now lippies… actually it was the packaging that drew me to it, especially this color. It said lip gloss but when the salesman swatched it on the back of my hand I was like I need it at any cost. I asked the price and he was like 100/-!! YEA!!! it was just for 100 bucks and I was sure I’m buying it. It’s the only shade I got because others were fuchsias and magenta and I’m not a person who wears a lot of pinks.


One Single Swipe
Tube and Wand

Shade 22
I bought it because of the color but later i realized it was a dupe for Kourt K from kylies lip kit and i was so happy when I realized that. The packaging is really pretty. It is extremely pigmented and extremely matte. When you first apply it, it feels kinda sticky but after drying the stickyness goes away. The wand and applicator are Okay, personally I would love if the length of the holder of the wand would be slighly increased for better hold and application. It is extremely drying, so i would suggest you exfoliate before applying (wont have issues if you have normal lips). it settles into the lines and cracks a little bit after drying. It claims to be 24 hours longlasting lipgloss which i absolutely agree but no one wears it for that long. It is waterproof and transfer proof. It will fade a little from middle after a greasy meal, there is also chances of product flaking out. It wont come off unlesss you use a oil based makeup remover or oil instead. It is really tough to remove and leaves a small pinkish tint which looks beautiful.


  • Beautiful colour.
  • Dries completely matte.
  • Super longlasting, waterproof, transferproof.
  • Nice packaging, comes with pretty decent applicator.
  • Super Inexpensive.


  • Very dry, not suitable for dry lips.
  • Cracks and may flake.
  • Sticky before it dries.

RATING: 3.5/5

I have ordered more colors from amazon and they may arrive pretty soon, comment or like if you want so see review on those too. Have a great day.

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3 thoughts on “Me Now Longlasting Lipgloss”

    1. I know I have tried miss Claire and they are my favs but these are no were near n you shouldn’t try it, some of them are really sticky while others are great, but cheap and good for everyday use, if you find nude shades in these just grab them

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