10 essential skin care tips for monsoon

MonsoonAs you sit in your window, gazing at the trickling drops of heaven kissing the hot rusty
mud and enchanting smell, holding a cup of coffee and reading your favorite book, you
are thinking how lucky I am to witness this magical experience. But, deep down inside,
your subconscious is pricking you with the thought of your delicate skin getting affected
from this increased humidity. Yes, rains may bring a lot of memories with it but also a lot
of humidity and moistness.
So, let’s take a nice care of our skin this monsoon and enjoy it to the fullest…!!

1. Wear quick dry fabric clothes–

Humid and moist climate lead to fungal infections
to skin, so staying dry is of utmost importance. Prefer fabrics like polyester and
nylon. Even silk can be used but it is quite warm so take care in that aspect as
well. Clearly avoid denims. Jeans can be replaced with palazzos pants or trousers.
Replace jackets with shrugs, ponchos or kaftans.

2. Avoid tight fitting clothes –

Tight fitting clothes lead to skin folds, which causes
rashes and humidity makes it worse .So apart from quick dry fabric even keep this
point in mind while dressing yourself. Don’t let your skin suffocate, keep it more
exposed to nature.

3. Sunscreen –

Even though it’s cloudy during this season the ultraviolet rays don’t
stop to affect your skin. So whenever you think of stepping out of your cuddly
homes, don’t forget to rub your skin with sunscreen that suit’s your skin type.

4. Tropical acne treatments –

Humidity and moisture open pores of our skin, so oil
and dirt start making their huts there. Huts of acnes. These types of acnes are
called tropical acnes. Treatment for them include medications rich in vitamin A.
Researchers have found retinoids, salicyclic acid and dapsone as useful
medicines. But make sure to consult your dermatologist before consuming these

5. Cleansing –

To keep skin clean is essential in such humid atmosphere as our skin
is more prone to bacterial infection. Cleansing removes all the hidden dirt, excess
oils and debris from your skin. Always prefer a soap free cleanser. Raw milk is a
very good natural cleanser.

6. Toning –

Clearly toning is a very important step in skin care. Toning helps balance
the pH value of skin, keeps it hydrated and also nourishes it. Anti-bacterial toner
prevents skin infection. A plain rose water acts as a best toner. Toner also shrinks
the open pores.

7. Exfoliating –

In rainy season, many skin problems arise due to clogging of pores
and dead skin. Gently exfoliate your skin twice a week with mild scrub of small
granules to keep your skin fresh and away from black heads and white heads. As
skin becomes sensitive, don’t rub your skin harshly this may wash away the
moisture from skin.

8. Moisturizer –

Apart from acne, dry skin is a major concern during monsoon. Apply
a good moisturizer after you bath, to keep you skin soft and smooth. In monsoon
your skin has to undergo wetting and drying leading to itchy skin, a light (not too
greasy) moisturizer can give relief and a calming effect to your skin.

9. Steaming –

This is the most simple but very result oriented method for clogged
pores. Steam your skin to let it breathe and pat it dry after steaming, using soft
but brushy towel. This may remove the dirt clogged in pores. Don’t rub your face
always dab it, to avoid rough and dry skin.

10. Scalp care –

Nonetheless the most ignored skin is scalp skin. When it comes to
taking good skin care we often focus only on our face but our scalp is equally
responsible for our skin care. Moisture and frequent wetting of hair, makes scalp
greasy and oily and susceptible to dandruff. Dandruff in turn leads to acne, so
wash your hair clean always and dry it naturally as quick as possible.

Bonus tip – No matter the season, stay hydrated, drink lots of water to cleanse
your skin from within. Try to keep yourself dry and don’t let your skin care come
in between you and your monsoon adventures!!

Happy Monsoon!!

– Written by Krati Agarwal
An entrepreneur who has her own website and Youtube channel . She loves exploring and travelling. A kid from heart and a die hard F.R.I.E.N.D.S. fan.

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