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Hi Guys!!! If you follow me on snapchat you already know what I’m going to talk about.

Nykaa recently launched their matte nailpaints collection which has 12 shades and I hope more shades will be added in the future. I’m a big fan of the original Nykaa nailpaints which were launched way back last year. The quality was so amazing that I knew the mattes wont let me down too so I ordered only 4 shades from the collection; two pastels and two dark shades. I got them a month back and been giving each one of them a tough try on longevity, texture and all other factors.

Shades I got:

  1.  Black sesame pudding-9
  2. Squid ink mousse-14
  3. Blueberry frosting-16
  4. Pink meringes-28

There are total 12 shades covering a good pastel colour palette. I’m looking forward for pop shades like reds, fushias, oranges, yellows, etc.img_20160911_153748img_20160911_153805img_20160911_153930

I’ve tried every color for almost a week and I can finally give proper review about them.

Price: 199/- (Got kara nail paint removing vipes free with the purchase)


The packaging is very similar to the original ones but the best thing in this ones is the matte glass bottle. It makes it look so much better and goes with the matte theme. The brush in here is really nice.

Texture and Consistency:

The consistency and thickness of these nailpaints are similar to other Nykaa nailpaints. When you apply it, it’s glossy and dries down to matte. It dries out quicker than original ones which is a plus point. The only problem is the matteness goes down if you frequently use/rub your nail, it mostly happens with darker shades, in light shades it not that visible. You can make it completely glossy by applying top coat but it kills the idea behind it.


To be honest, these are the only nailpaints who lasted so long without chipping, they were there for a week till I had to remove them. But they did gloss to the outer part of the nail completely.

They are easy to remove by any nailpaint remover. They do not stain the nails whatsoever even the darker shades.


My favorite shade has to be Pink Meringes. It’s a nice light pink which almost look nude/natural on nails. If you are a person who doesnt like bold or nailpaints at all go for it. The next order goes from sqiudink mousse which is grey with hint of blue ( in preview it looks navy blue but isn’t); then is black sesame pudding, a classic matte black you cannot go wrong with and last will be blueberry frosting which clearly was not near blueberry but a light grey with lavender undertones. I would strongly suggest you to try lighter shades more than darker shades, I bought dark shades because i didnt have many.

Get Yours From: http://www.nykaa.com/nykaa-matte-nail-enamel-products.html


  • Nice pastel collection.
  • Really nice matte texture and thick/even consistency.
  • Very longlasting and chip resistant.
  • great packaging with nice brush.


  • matte texture goes away with rough use or rubbing.
  • many layers can ruin the texture.

Rating: 4.7/5

I’m really happy with nykaa as they are first in market to launch matte nailpaints excluding matte topcoats (correct me if I’m wrong). I would strongly suggest you to try at least one of them they are beautiful.

Thank you for giving time to read it and give your opinion about it!!!!

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