Nykaa So Matte Lipsticks Nude Necessities Collection


Hello Everyone! On my behalf, the only reason for delay in this post is because I was planning to purchase more shades from this collection. But that didn’t play well which you might have already guessed. Nykaa launched my the Nude necessities collection and it was a dream come true for every makeup lover.

If you have known me, I’m a sucker for nude shades. I wear them every single day and on every occasion. If you are a starter in makeup and have no idea which lipstick to wear or what suits you etc then there is only one answer, Go for Nude. But I know there are many more aspects to it like undertone, shade selection, etc. Nykaa did an amazing job with the collection I have to say. They kept in mind all skin tones and made beautiful 8 shades.

Price: 399/-

Availability: Click Here

I bought these following shades:

1. 21M Caramel Mocha:

I have been looking for a nude so long which is close to my skin colour, like a nude nude. I had few lipsticks from MAC which were as I want ( Velvet teddy, Honey Love)  but you know they are expensive and paying that much for a colour which isn’t even visible, my mom didn’t agree (because she was paying :P). But I wanted such shade for longest time and when these came out I was hoping to get that shade and it was perfect!!! It is almost my skin colour but doesn’t wash me down. It has a slight pinky undertone but a perfect MLBB ( my lips but better) shade. If you are my skintone or lighter than me, you will love it. Darker skintone, sorry this is not for you.

This shade will look amazing as it is or pair it with dark smokey eyes and trust me, everyone will drool at you.

2. 22M Royal Honey:

This shade looks very similar to previous one but is very different. It has a slight peachy tint to it and its very unique shade. I love it as much as the previous one but you need to buy either one not both. Similar suitability goes to this one as well.DSC_0105

3. 28M Chocolate Truffle:

I was in search for a true brown as such since I started using makeup. If I have been give a choice to choose lipstick, I would always choose browns over pinks and reds. It’s a true brown and also a dupe for Kylie’s True Brown K. It will look good on every skin tone and will be a perfect nude for dark skin tones. On funny side, someone asked me whether they can use these for contouring and I really started thinking about it. And yes, I tried it as contour but didn’t work out. It was patchy and didn’t blend. So I would rather suggest Maybelline sculpting duo stick. If you love browns, go for it without a doubt. You’ll love it.

The texture and everything is same as all the others. To read complete review, Click Here. After MAC lipsticks, these are my fav lipsticks. The only disappointing lipstick from all their collection is 13M Mulled Wine from fall matte collection. It’s really patchy and doesn’t work. If you are looking for lipstick, this is to go for! Super affordable and A+ quality.

Hope you like the review. Comment your fav shade. I have a hard time selecting one.

Thanks for reading till the end. Love you all. xoxo

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