Peuro 100% Aloe Vera Gel Review


Hello everyone! I’m so excited to about this product. I have been using it every single day and yet there are more benefits which I haven’t even discovered. This single product has replaced my whole skin care. Yes that’s the power of this product.

About Peuro:DSC_0109

Peuro is a brand born out of need.

People these days are switching from traditional chemically formulated bath and body products to natural ones. This is mainly because of change in lifestyle and increased awareness of the advantages of the natural proucts over their counterparts. And an interest and passion in creating these kind of products led to the birth of our brand ‘ Peuro’.

  • we are a brand having all natural products
  • we are a brand having chemical free and cruelty free products
  • all our products provide more benefits over the price that you will spent on them
  • our products are mild on the skin and have immense nutrition for your skin
  • currently we offer handmade soaps, essential and carrier oils and aloevera gel
  • we further intent to bring cold pressed soaps, body butters, body washes and shampoos, incense sticks and diffusers, car fragrances, etc.
  • we strive hard to create and curate products that our customers need
  • our products will soon be available on our website, Amazon and on Flipkart
  • follow our Instagram page for recent updates

Price: 250/- for 50 gm


Try our pure aloe Vera gel enriched with Vitamin E to hydrate, heal, soothe and tackle all your skin problems including burns, ageing and wrinkles. Our naturally extracted gel is quick absorbent and non-sticky/non-oily, good for a day time as well as night time moisturizer. Work your way with this pure gel of ours to get a beautiful glowing, healthy, hydrated supple skin.



1oo% pure Aloe Vera gel, Vitamin E oil.

Suggested use:

Can be used on body and hair. Take small amount and apply on the affected areas. For use on hair, it can be used as conditioner after bath and for styling.

Official Instagram page to purchase : Click HereDSC_0110 DSC_0111


This product for me feels like it’s dropped from heaven. The first time I used it, it was on my hand, I expected it to be like the krishkare one but it blew my minds off. The only ingredients it contains are aloe vera gel and vitamin E oil. I thought it will be greasy and oily due to its contents but it sinked into the skin even before I started blending in (if your skin is dry it will absorb quicker than normal to oily skin). After using this you wont see any visual difference in the skin but your skin will feel super hydrated, not greasy what so ever, soft and amazing. It claims to treat sunburn: True, Acts as Moisturizer: Super true ( My fav use), Treats Acne: somewhat yeah, Fights Aging: not best person to say, Reduces Stretch marks: working on it, Heals Woulds and insect bites: Yes!!

I use this every single day as moisturizer and trust me little goes a long way. I use it with face packs which improves the output even more. I use it on my hands and legs after shaving and they don’t itch at all!! I use it on the cuticles to make them strong. I use it as lip balm. I use it to style my hair and works wonderfully, I have stopped using frizz controlling serums. I use this on the scalp as it is to get rid of dandruff, itching and make roots healthy and give them nourishment. Best part is it gets absorbed into the hair quickly and doesn’t make it greasy.

I really didn’t think it would suit me as I have super oily skin but it made it even better. It does not make it greasy by the end of the day, helps my makeup and skin stay put as it is and makes skin look FLAWLESS!!!!


  • Super Affordable.
  • All in one product.
  • Suitable for all skin type.
  • Most beautiful and elegant packaging.
  • Travel friendly.
  • Little goes a long way.
  • A must must have product.


  • Hate to dip my fingers everytime due to fear of damage of product.
  • Not easily available.

Rating: 6/5

If I have to chose a ride or die product, then it would be this. I love this so so so much that I can’t explain and I really force you to try out their products.

They have amazing products and I’m in love with other products too. Subscribe to know about them too.

Hope you love the review and if you did, please comment below and let me know.

Thank you. Love you all.xoxo




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  1. Safi@thebeautyinsideout

    I love Aloe Vera Gels for their multitasking benefits. I might try this once my Rustic Art Aloe Gel gets over. Great review.

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