Hey guys!! Today I’ll be doing an unusual blog, Something very different which I normally do. I’m dedicating this blog to something which is very close to my heart. This blog is my tribute to a community called Pikreview and it crossing 1 year of awesomeness.


PikReview was founded by on 11 November 2015.

If you don’t know what PikReview is exactly Then I’ll explain it to you. PikReview is a community of bloggers coming together and sharing their content on the PikReview site. http://www.pikreview.com  is an online product discovery and review sharing platform, in short it is a blog site where multiple minds share their multiple views. You will find whatever you want on this site.

Why I Love PikReview:

I started blogging a year back but I used to write it and keep it to myself or share it to my best friends. No one except from them knew I had a blog but then I wanted to make it official and wanted more people to read it and then PikReview followed me on my Instagram account and asked me to join their small and happy community of bloggers and I said yes immediately. At that time I thought of them just as a platform where I can share my blogs and get more views and audience on my page. After adding some posts they asked me to join their whatsapp group of bloggers where we can ask our queries, share our content and most importantly learn from each other. It was then that my blogging experience completely changed. Talking to other bloggers and seeing their work I realized what all I was doing wrong. They thought me all other aspects of blogging. The best thing about the bloggers is that they are selfless and so very helping. I swear I would be still where I was in blogging if I haven’t joined PikReview.


Uploading Posts on the site is extremely easy. The Instagram upload option has to be my favourite. All you have to do is use #pikreview on your instagram post and it will automatically update the info on the site. Then you just have to link it. Simple isn’t it?

And I have already spoke about the Whatsapp group which is more like family. We love, laugh, celebrate, encourage and inspire each other, isn’t that what a family does?

Ask PikReview:


One day I just asked a query on the group about a good shampoo and conditioner for colored hair and immediately #askpikreview post went up on Instagram where many people could suggest me with products that will work on me as they have worked on them. But that’s not only how this works. This not only helped me but also gave other people solution who had the same question. There are many ask pikreview post which help you with all your problems. You can also ask your problem and our community will guarantee all your issues will be sorted.

Why/ how is PikReview different from other sites like Roposo, Wooplr, etc:

Pikreview is different as it is not run by multiple people. It runs by the bloggers who are dedicated towards Pikreview and consider it as family rather than a mere site where you keep posting but no one really appreciates your hard work. You Interact with bloggers, Learn from them, help them. Pikreview is an amazing idea and really not well appretiated. Hope this community get bigger and better and I’ll always be a part of this family.

Instagram page: Follow them


Though this Blog is not sponsored, all the thoughts are genuine. I’m not paided to write good things about it. Im writing this because I really like this community and priviledged to be part of them and it’s just my tribute for completing 1 year of their community. Though I was joined recently, It feels like we have been friends forever.

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