Refining Memories Ft. Paper Boat


Childhood memories are the best memories, don’t you agree? From your first day to school to your first punishment. From your first star in the test to the scolding from your mom for scoring low. First friend to first crush. Ah! those days, still bring a big smile on face. A paper boat implies a lot of firsts. But it also signifies a different world, with different priorities.

Or maybe it tells us that no matter who you are, where you lived, what you’ve done in your life, you remember how to make a paper boat right? So why not paper boat?

I’m sure everyone knows Paper Boat and everybody loves their ad and how it just brings out the beautiful memories of when we were little. I love their drinks and have them everytime. After food or in my college reccess. I was really happy when I came to know they have entered food sector too. Yay!!! So Paper boat sent in a beautiful hamper which includes Their newly launched products.

There came a box packed so so beautifully that the child in me didn’t want to open it but I had to. It consisted of their Chikki and the other thing in the hamper was their very own publication called ” Half pants Full Pants”.


Talking about the Chikki, omg, it’s so so so delicious. I’m not telling this because it was sent to me but you will have to trust me on it. If you don’t, go and try it, it only retails for 10/- for a bar and I finished it in like one go. That too two packs of it. I loved it that much! It’s so crispy and yummy yet very light. This has become my go to snack and my family too loves it.

I was really surprised seeing a book in the parcel tbh. The book is not a novel but a compilation of short amusing childhood stories by Anand Suspi. These a real life stories from Shimoga which is a small town which is neither too small nor that big according to the writer. The story says so much about the era when 10 paise, 50 paise coins used to works and the tales are nostalgia for my mum.

Go right now and get your hands on these because I’m sure you’ll love it because I am.

Comment below the best memory of your childhood. Mine has to be my first performance in school gathering!

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