Seer Secrets Lemon Cypress Japanese Mint Deodorant Cream Review

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Smell bad is one of my biggest insecurities and I know most of you too feel the same. I hate the smell and the wet sweat marks on the clothes and it freaks me out. I have so many deos at my home which work fine but I needed something more. It burns like hell where I live and having college at noon only makes it worse. So when I saw Seer Secrets launched a deodorant cream, I was amused to see such unique product and wanted to test it out for myself. Product Description:

India experiences heat nine months a year and due to that we sweat more compared to people living in colder regions. Keeping these in mind we have formulated this unique blend of a deodorant cream which contains Lemon, Cypress & Japanese Mint essential oil infused with Real Silver. This formula is made by taking extra rich cream base, adding zinc & silver extracts embedded in Kaolin clay and mixing them with essential oils of Lemon, Cypress & Japanese Mint. Clay absorbs dirt and Silver Ions rips off the outer membrane of microbes giving freshness for long hours. Cypress works to neutralize body odors while Lemon helps absorb wetness. Underarm care is one of our most important daily routines and using our health-conscious formula will complement to your natural lifestyle. This formula contains the benefits of Lemon, Cypress and Japanese Mint essential oil which has the benefits that may cure skin itching, treats sun burns, absorbs sweat and is a natural deodorant. Even a light application gives six hours of deodorization.

  • Packed with natural Anti Bacterials like zinc & silver extracts embedded in Kaolin clay.

  • Has mild Whitening and bleaching effect which helps keep the applied area clean and dry.

  • Fights body odor for 6-8 hours even with a light application. Absorbs & Controls Sweat effectively.

  • Beneficial for common & mild skin related problems.

  • Can be used in Genital areas, neck and between toes. Can treat mild fungus and rashes.

Price: 324/- INR for 100 g. (299/- on discount currently)

Ingredients: Aqua, Phenoxy ethanol, olive oil, zinc oxide, lemon essential oil, cypress essential oil, Japanese mint essential oil, cocoa butter, Kaolin clay, Cetyl alcohol, cetearyl alcohol, linalool, real silver leaves, limonene.

Availability: Amazon.


If you read the last seer secrets post I did long long time ago, you know how amazed I was with their luxurious packaging and since then, they have completely changed their packaging game and I’ve not seen any Indian brand with this type of packaging. They have just won the competition already.

Every Seer Secrets product comes in their self associated cardboard cylinder with tin cap. They have a scroll in it which has the complete information about the product. The actual cream comes in plastic jar with a gold cap. The jar is fine in quality but the jar type packaging always has possibility of spoiling due to unhygienic extraction method. It is quite travel friendly and travel efficient.


Take a small amount of deodorant cream on your finger and massage it onto your armpits, neck, genital areas and other desired area excluding face until completely absorbed. Use small quantity first and then build up intensity slowly.

Use it at the start of the day, whenever you are going out in the sun. Use it whenever you want to feel deodorised and are unable to have bath. It’s also great for stinky feet and pubic area and the best substitution for talcum powder. It has mild tingling sensation due to mint and being anti-bacterial.


I initially thought that this is going to be a gel or waxy type of cream but it is a very light thin cream. It is not quite smooth and a bit lumpy. There is a possibility of the cream the split/ separate due to the ingredients so makes sure you give it a good shake or mix it before applying.

Though it is quite thin, it takes time to get absorbed in the skin so instead of using a lot at once, use it in small quantity in layers. It has a slight white cast which most deo have and might get on the clothes so make sure you blend it well into your skin. I’ve also noticed that this cream oxidizes into a cream/peach color so won’t look ashy after few hours on the skin.


Well of-course, when you say deodorant it has to smell good and every seer secret products have the best natural, non-artificial fragrance. This product smells like lemon candy which we used to eat in childhood. I expected it to have a strong citrusy scent to it but it is actually on the mild sweet side. I love the scent of this, it is very very very refreshing and lasts for a long time.

Final Thoughts:

Well do I still have to say anything more? From above, you must have already determined than I’m in love with this product. Ever since I’ve started using this, I haven’t even looked at my other deodorants. This product absorbs sweat and I can proudly say bye bye to my sweaty clothes. It has the minty feel to it which makes me feel refreshed and gives the cooling feel to my body despite to hot climate. It is long lasting and by the end of the day, my armpits still feel fresh and don’t smell bad. Yes this is slightly bleaching and I’ve seen considerate lightening of my underarms which is amazing.

If you are looking for a deo which will make you smell good throughout the day then this is not for you as it does not have very strong smell. This is the kind of product which will make you feel good from the inside. If you need more fragrance, you have to put perfume over top which is the usual way. In short, it does not replace your regular perfume.


  • Best Packaging.
  • Travel friendly and travel efficient.
  • Long lasting.
  • Very refreshing and great smell.
  • Absorbs sweat.
  • Slightly bleaching and whitening.
  • Completely natural.


  • Little difficult to work with.
  • Contains Alcohol.

Rating: 4.8/5

Hope you like the review and if you did, do get your hands on this product, it is revolutionary.

Also this post isn’t sponsored, I bought this myself.

Thank you for your valuable time. Love you all. xoxo- Bareen

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  1. I need this refreshing feel. And I think this cream will do that for me, because it’s from Seer Secrets. The products I have used from this brand have nice refreshing and divine smell. So, i must give it a go.

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