Shades of White💞

Few days back I was at my grandma’s place, which I visit every year. It’s in Karnataka, it’s a small village where I have many memories of my childhood. Well whenever I go there I have to dressed up all traditional, I mean I do wear dresses for college but it’s compulsory there and here I can’t wear shorts sleeveless and stuff… You get what I’m saying. So this trip I wanted to do something different, I wanted to visit few more places of Karnataka so we made a plan to go to Lakkundi, a small village with a great historical heritage, it is said that there is so much gold in the ground that if you dig you may find gold but it’s strictly prohibited as it’s archeological site. There are few ruins of temples which I wanted to visit.
If you have seen my Instagram page you must have seen pictures of me of the temple, but I’m not here for the temple. I’m here for this beautiful dress from W, which stole everyone’s heart. It nothing special, it’s just a plain white dress which goes with the whole spring summer temple vibe.


It’s a pic from the backyard of my nanis home which matched so well with my outfit.


Summer is here and if you are going to travel alot, I suggest you to buy these types of dress which look so classy and chick that will go with the whole summer vibe and will look good on everyone.

Love to all – Bareen -xoxo

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