Shine Ready with BBlunt Salon Secret High Shine Creme Hair Color


Hey buddies! How are you doing? I’m at a mini holiday and OMG! It is so relaxing.

You guys already know how much of a hair experimental freak I am! I’ve highlighted my hair 5 times now and every time it’s always something new. Hair coloring is so amazing (if taken right care) and I love to play and switch them up every now and then.

I know it’s been a long time since BBlunt launched their Hair color and I was very intrigued by it. I’ve tried almost BBlunt products from their shampoo-conditioner, hair sprays, hair cremes and dry shampoo, not to forget their temporary hair color sprays. I really love the concept of this and I’m sure this is not anything new you’ve seen as it’s all over the TV. When BBunt asked me to review this, I just couldn’t say no.DSC_0470

Product Description:

BBLUNT’s Salon Secret High Shine Crème Hair Colour is a 3-part hair colour that gives you salon like gorgeous hair at home. Packed in this box is our salon’s secret to dazzling hair colour. Simply mix the luxuriously creamy Colourant and Developer together in equal proportions and add the Shine Tonic. Now mix till smooth for a fragrant, non-drip blend. Apply and Voila! You’re only 30 minutes away from epic, shiny hair! This no ammonia hair colour gives 100% grey coverage that lasts up to 8 weeks long. Available in 7 blockbuster shades.

SHINE TONIC: Enriched with Silk Proteins, this special tonic is what your regular hair colour had been missing for so long.
Product Features:
  • 3 Part Hair Color with Shine Tonic
  • Enriched with Silk Proteins
  • 100% Grey Coverage
  • No Ammonia

Price: Rs.89/- for 81 GM (One Time Pack)

Availability: Online on Nykaa, Amazon. Also available on local store.

Shade: Chocolate Dark Brown 3


1. Salon Secret Developer: 1 Tube of Developer 20 gms.



2. Salon Secret Colourant: 1 tube of Creme colourant 50 gms.



Shine Tonic: 2 sachets of Shine Tonic ( 1ml each ) has Silk Proteins.


Easy Instructions for Usage: 1 Instruction leaflet, follow the instructions carefully.


Also, A pair of gloves for safe application.

My Experience:

Well obviously, I have my highlights and I didn’t want to ruin them. So I’m not the person who tried this product. My mom and dad are regular user of hair colors as they have grey hair and need touch ups every few weeks. So I was suggesting them to try this for so long but finally I got my mom to try this out.


Quantity: This is the mini pack and suggested one time use.

Application: You can either use this for touching up the grey roots or on the hair. But it is not enough to use on both as the quantity is quite less. It is very easy to mix all in and apply. Suggested to use with specific coloring brush.

Lasting Power: If you are using it for grey touch up, it will only work till the new grey hair grow out. If you are going in for global hair color, it will last depending on various factors such as Hair wash frequency, Hair growth and your hair type.

Claims: It is true to all it’s claim. More specifically, the no ammonia one. Being a chemistry student, I can identify ammonia smell from miles. thankfully this doesn’t give the nasty smell. Covers up grey and makes hair shiny.


Final thoughts:

If you are wondering is it better than any other colours? Well, Yes! And the reason is the shine serum. Let me tell you, my mom has the most coarse and dry hair due to coloring and it just gets worse every time. I really was hoping for the shine serum to work and it did. Her hair looked so super shiny and it gave her hair the luster which they lacked. My mom adds, ” I usually skip shampooing after coloring and just condition it. But with this one, my hair feel greasy and bit weird without shampoo” So don’t skip shampooing after colouring as the shine serum might be a bit oily.

If you are looking forward to switch up your complete hair color, I don’t think this is the perfect option you are looking for. But here are some suggestions on the shade range you can select according to your hair color:

Light hair (light brown): Natural black (Darken), Coffee Natural Brown (Darken), Chocolate dark brown (Darken), Mahogany reddish brown ( for red tint), Honey Light golden brown ( for grey touch ups), Wine deep burgundy ( Darken, Burgundy shade), Blue berry black blue (Darken, Blue hint).

Dark Hair (dark brown-black): Natural black (Darken, touch ups), Coffee Natural Brown (Touch ups), Chocolate dark brown (Touch ups), Mahogany reddish brown ( for red tint), Honey Light golden brown (Lighten), Wine deep burgundy (Burgundy shade), Blue berry black blue (Blue hint).

Add some color to hair than normal (Fancy colors):  Mahogany reddish brown ( for red tint), Wine deep burgundy (Burgundy shade), Blue berry black blue (Blue hint).

Rating: 4.5/5

So here are my thoughts on this product. If you are looking to amp up your hair colour, here is a very good option. I totally approve. It easily available and quite affordable. If you want to see more about hair color tips and care tips, comment below and also my hair care routine.

Hope you like the review, if you did, share it with your friends and family and comment down below your thoughts and opinions about it.

Till next time, Stay gorgeous. Love you all. xoxo- Bareen.

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