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You have no idea how excited I am for this blog!

World’s been conquered by Korean beauty and sheet masks are all the hype nowadays. Though sheet masks are in the markets all around the world for a long time, brands are recently launching it here in India and everyone is going gaga over it.

I got a chance to try few of them but first few were absolute fails as I did not have proper knowledge about them as the instructions are not in English but now that I have known the exact way, I understand why is everyone raving about these.


About Skin18:

Skin18 is a website which provides the best of Korean Natural skincare products. Skin18 believes in skincare instead of makeup. Korean cosmetics are world renowned for high quality ย and competitive prices.

Shop the best K-Beauty: Skin18.comย 


Product Description:

Potato- includes Solanum Tuberosum ( Potato) Pulm Extract that help to soothe rough and damaged skin, making skin smooth and soft while it cleans and moisturizes. Contains potato extract which is known to help repair rough and damaged skin. Also known to help get rid pf unwanted dark or puffy areas.

Price: 1.15$ USD ( 74.27 INR) ย 



Potoatoes are so underrated in beauty but are so great for skin. I have seen so many hacks to get rid of darkness and pigmentation on the skin with potatoes but using it on the skin grosses me out. I was super excited to try this instead which I wanted to test whether it worked the same.

Speaking of packaging, the sheet comes in a really nice packet which is sealed very carefully avoiding any leakage of serum. The packet is easy to open with the help of side tear cuts. The mask is a cotton sheet cut according to the face, eyes and lips and is dipped in the serum. the quality of sheet is very thick and saturated. The only con is the fitting, It was a big size for me ( or my face is small) which made it a bit difficult to get the mask at right spots.

Before I opened this mask, I kept it in the fridge for some time. It is suggested on the pack to use it cold or hot accordingly, I chose cold to beat the heat here. It is really very important that you wash your hand before you touch the mask. Before putting this on your face, cleanse your face and apply toner. Unfold the sheet mask and place it on your face, adjusting the cuts (which is the most difficult part). After you spread this on your face just take a seat doing your fav things and let this mask work it’s magic for 15-20 mins. It won’t dry on your skin but don’t let it on till it dries and it will suck the moisture from your skin. Sheet masks are packed with serums and there will be lot remaining in the packs so refrigerate it and use it next day to get most out of it.

After you are done with the mask, slowly remove it and with the sheet, dab the serum onto your face especially on the areas where masks didn’t work like eyes and neck. Throw away the mask and with clean dry hands, massage the serum left on your skin till it gets absorbed. DO NOT WASH YOUR FACE, it would just null all the work we did up there.

After all the masks I’ve used, this has to be my fav. After I let the serum sink into my skin, my skin felt so so firm which was so very needed. It gave the most beautiful glow to my skin without feeling oily or greasy in any way. I felt refreshed for hours after using it. You don’t even need to moisturize after using this as the mask does it all. And yes! My face is feeling brighter and I guess it’s all because of potato extract.


  • Affordable! (below 100 bucks)
  • Super effective.
  • Convenient to use anytime, anywhere.
  • Travel friendly.
  • Efficient.


  • Smells terrible! (Like vodka according to my bro)
  • Didn’t fit my face perfectly.

Rating: 4.3/5

You are missing the best of beauty if you haven’t tried sheet masks. These are so convenient to use than the cream ones, no dipping hands in products, no brushes, no water to clean them off. Just get yourself one of these and you’ll be good to go.

Thanks for your time reading this review. Hope you like it. Till next time. Stay happy.

Love you all. xoxo.- Bareen.

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  1. khadija Beauty

    I have used the Cereal mask form Beauty Friends II and absolutely loved it. This mask seem to be doing the same job.

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