The Box Story Unboxing + Mini Reviews (May)


Hey guys! How are the holidays holding?

I know I’m super late with my blogs and I apologize, especially for this one. I ordered this new subscription box as a gift to myself and I’m so happy I did. I know it’s been weeks since my birthday but I had some technical issues. I promised to do a unboxing video on youtube and I did film it. But the data got reset and I didn’t have backup, filming it again wasn’t an option either. So I got the best pics of the products and will be breaking them down to you.

About Box Story:

TheBoxStory is a monthly Subscription Box designed to celebrate the “Ultimate Us” – people who love books, are crazy about fashion and never forget to leave a mark of their own “Signature style”. We believe everyone is unique in their own way and we help you celebrate this with our thoughtfully curated boxes.

It is our privilege to pamper each one of you with the full size products plus awesome goodies with every box that you sure are going to love. TheBoxStory is our way to reach you  and your loved ones for the Perfect Surprise you have been waiting!!

                     One Box, A lot of Stories, Wrapped in Surprises !!!

There are variety of boxes to choose from; Tipsy for books and desk accessorizes, Lush for fashion and lifestyle accessorizes, High for beauty and Luxury products. Each category has 2 boxes to choose from. I chose the Martini box from Lush.

Link to their Website:

Martini Box for 1999/-

1. Note nail paint in 14 Velvet:


This is the product which stole my heart as soon as I opened this box. It was like I had found my perfect nailpaint. It’s a mauve nail paint and will suit everyone. the quality is amazing. You require just one coat to get opaque layer all over. You can go over with multiple layers and it won’t clump. It stayed on my nails more than a week without chipping. I love it so much that I’m planning to get more shades from them.

2. Lakme Absolute Plump and Shine Lipgloss:


It has been ages since I have tried Lakme products and I’m glad I received this in my box. This is lip topper with red/pink flakes of glitter. I’m not a gloss person but it looks beautiful topped with a red lipstick to give that plumped up fuller lips. It surprisingly is very long lasting due to it’s thick texture. It transfers but the glitter particle will stay on the lips for a good time. I would have loved it even more if it was a nude. You can wear this everyday by itself to college or work.

3. MUA Mascara shade 4:


It was while filming this video I realised that this is a coloured mascara! I was so shocked to see a brown mascara for the first time and thought how useless it is. Being brown mascara, it’s not even visible on your eyes. It’s the most natural mascara I’ve ever seen. It’s not lengthening, voluminousing or waterproof. It just defines your eyelashes and is super light weight. I surprisingly like it because I hate the heavy feel mascaras and I can see myself wearing it everyday to college.

4. Brookside Pomegranate flavored center chocolates:


By this picture itself you might have known I love this thing. It’s the best thing I received in the box and they didn’t even last for an hour. Everyone from my family enjoyed eating it and trust me they are heavenly. They just retail for 50/- a pack and if I get my hands on these, I’m getting dozen of them.

5. Boho Pom-Pom earings:


Boho style is taking over the internet these days and pom-pom, they are just so adorable. I wanted to get my hands on this earings for so long to style it with some of my dresses. The quality is so amazing and I’m totally in love with these.

6. Lakme Blush and glow face wash:


I still remember, when I was small, I cried to my mom to get me this face wash because my cousin had it. It was a different formulation and packaging back then but same thing. I really didn’t have much expectations from this as I have lots of great natural, herbal facewashes with me and I didn’t think this could compete with them. To my surprise, it’s actually pretty good and I’m loving it.

7. Oxidized gold Layered necklace:


This is a really pretty neck piece which you can wear everyday and style with various kind of outfits. The quality of this is not the best I can say but not the worst. It speaks my style as it’s a dainty piece and nothing over the top.

8. HomeTown Trikona drop Lantern:


I was one of their first costumers so they rewarded me with this beautiful decor item. I love lanterns or lighting decors and this was just perfect gift for me. I know I have said this for all the items but the selection of products are really good. I don’t know if they personalized it for me or everyone got the same stuff but whatever it is, I’m awestruck with this subscription box.

9. Archies Birthday Plate:


This is the second personalized thing I got from them and I really thank them for it. I talked with the brands’ social media manager on instagram and told her about my birthday so she put in this beautiful plate wishing me. I have placed it in my room safe and I adore it everytime I look at it.


Overall, you might have already known, it’s worth the hype. It’s a bit pricey but who cares, go spoil yourself and enjoy! I’ll be trying the High box next time and keep you posted.

Let me know which product you liked the most, mine were the chocolates and the nail paint. Hope you like my unboxing. Thanks for making it till the end. Love you all. xoxo. -Bareen.

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