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Hello Buddies!! So the news is I’m going to Munnar- Alleppey, Kerala tomorrow for few days through a college trip and while I was doing the packing, I thought why not do a traveling skin care essential blog so If you are travelling in future, you’ll get an idea of what to carry along with you.

When it comes to Skin care, more is more! I’m sure you’ll be thinking why does she carry so many products with her just for a few days trip? But the truth is I use all of these everyday and can’t live without them. Also some are must haves while travelling, so hope you find this blog helpful.


1. KrishKare Argan Oil Shampoo and conditioner Travel Pack:

Taking your own shampoo and conditioner is really necessary, as I don’t trust my hair with those provided by hotels. I love this travel pack as it is very travel convenient and amazing for hair too. I have done a complete review on this, to read click here.

2. Peuro Aloe Vera gel:

I cannot stop speaking about this product and all the wonders it has done for my skin. I love this product and can’t live without it. There are so many benefits and uses of it. Click Here to know more.

3. Peuro Avocado Oil:

This is the best Hair serum I’ve used and I need this to tame my crazy hair. Also it is amazing for my super dry legs. For full review, Click here.


4. Juniper Berry, Orange and Peppermint oil Body Wash:

I hate taking soaps to travel with me as it can get super messy and inconvenient to travel with. Thank goodness I have this amazing body wash which gets me through the day. Click here for full review.

5. Neutrogena UltraSheer Sunscreen:

Sunscreen is the least talked subject on my blog but it’s a product I use the most. I have emptied dozen of this sunscreen and can’t get enough of it. My skin gets tan so easily that one day in sun and I’ll go dark in a jiff. I use this every single day on all of my body and helps me avoid sun burns. Kerala is going to be so sunny and this is my savior!

6. Alanna Natural Beauty Aloe and Avocado Body butter:

Alanna recently send me few products for review purpose so I’m taking them with me so that I can try them out for a good amout of time and share my thoughts about it real quick. First Impressions: Very moisturising, A bit on greasy/oily side. Herby smell. Amazing for dry skin.

7. Alanna Age Defying Scrub:

So I received this scrub with the body butter and omg I’m already loving it. It has real almond particles which when you scrub, turns milky and nourishing. You might need to wash your face again as I has natural oils and can get greasy. Full review coming soon.


8. Himalaya Oil Free Face Wash:

Summer is here and my skin has already got on oily type and this has been my savior for many years to combat my oiliness. Easily available and very effective.

9. Himalaya Neem Face mask:

This is my no. 1 mask. Nothing works better for me than this mask. I know it doesn’t suit everyone but if it works for you as it does for me, then you’ll know.

10. L’oreal Micellar water:

Great as cleanser and makeup remover. Soothes the skin and great for sensitive skin. Put some on a cotton pad and get rid of all the gunk from your face.

11. Maybelline Total clear makeup remover:

As Micellar water doesn’t get all the waterproof makeup, you need a biphased makeup remover to get clear clean skin.

12. Jas Naturals Almond Honey toner:

My current obsession. Click Here to Know more.


Hope you find the list helpful. Will be sharing all the fun on my social media so make sure you follow me there.

Thanks for reading till the end. love you all. xoxo- Bareen.

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