VLCC Insta Glow Herbal Bleach Review | Misleading product


Before I start off with this blog, I would like to address that more than a review, it’s a blog to create awareness of a product whose quality doesn’t match with it’s name and ingredients and is something I thought about sharing so that you wouldn’t fall for it. I have nothing against the brand nor I’m bashing the brand, it’s the product which pissed me off pretty bad.

Back story:

I was at a local pharmacy picking up some medicine while I spotted this on the rack. The name caught my eye and I just took this. Bleaching is very harmful for the face and I never suggest anyone using it because of it’s high harmful chemical contents. The name, ‘Herbal Bleach’ made me think that it contains natural bleaching agents which will not ruin my skin. Also, I do bleach once or twice a year but not more than that, only when it’s necessary. I was very excited to try this but as soon as I went home and read the ingredients, I was so angry that I wanted to throw it away but I kept it for you guys to know more about this product.


Product Description:

Naturally radiant is skin is difficult to achieve but with VLCC Insta Glow Herbal Bleach you can get naturally radiant skin instantly! This herbally developed bleach makes skin look fairer and healthy in about ten minutes.

  • The unique Insta glow herbal bleach not only bleaches facial hair to perfectly match the skin tone but also deep cleanses the skin of all the impurities.
  • It is enriched with herbal extracts of cucumber, seaweed and tomato that act as vial nutrient for the skin.

Price: 55/- for 27 gm


  1. Bleach cream
  2. Activator powder
  3. Post-Bleach face pack


The only thing herbal this product contains is in the post bleach pack. All the bleaching products are the same as any other and it also contains ammonia which is worst for the skin.


I mixed this as I would do a regular bleach and the consistency was fine. But reading the ingredients list, I was so scared to put this on my face. But still I took the chance just for reviewing it thoroughly as I didn’t want to say bad about something due to ingredients.


As soon as I put this on my face, my skin started itching but I get that with bleaches so I didn’t mind at first. But as I got it around my mouth and nose area, I started suffocating with the strong smell of ammonia and it literally burnt my nasal hair. This was the first time in my life that I had put something so strong and harmful of my face. The irritation couldn’t go and I was not able to bare the burning and I washed it off immediately.


I was so done with this that I didn’t want to carry on with the post mask but I had to review it for you guys and I was not a quitter. The post mask contained all kind of parabens, so many I haven’t seen in any other product yet. I put a thin layer of the mask and thank god! I found something fine about this disastrous product. Though it contained parabens and what not, it got down all the irritation the bleach has caused and if not this, my skin would have serious burns and breakouts.


Thankfully, I didn’t have any skin issues but it was a torture to my face and I would not do it again even if someone pays me a million bucks.

So basically, I wrote this blog just to make you aware that not all products who mention the word herbal in their products are actually herbal. It is a violation of consumer rights. I’m a chemistry student and I’ve tried and researched so many products that I know whats good in a product and whats bad. But a common man might just neglect it and won’t even bother reading the list just for the name sake thus ruining the skin. Being a blogger and social influencer, it was my right to educate you all of such products.


I really hope this blog makes you think and research about a product before you buy it. If you are using this product and it suits you, then you do you! I even read other reviews about this product ad some seem to like it. It wasn’t good for me and the major issue I have with it is wrong endorsing.

I just hope you share this blog with your known ones to make them aware. Think twice before you put something on your face. Not all products from a brand are good. Also don’t believe a blogger completely with it’s review as what might suit her might not work for you. Get to know your skin, that’s the first step of getting good skin.

Thank you for reading! Till next time, stay happy, stay gorgeous. Love you all. xoxo- Bareen.

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  1. snehalboricha

    I have never tried bleaching and just for the sake of trying I was going to get this. Thanks for sharing your experience with us! 🙂

  2. Thanks for creating awareness of these kind of products! Big brands mislead sometimes. Great to have such bloggers

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