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Hello my fashion lovers! I know you have been waiting for this blog for longest and I didn’t want to delay it as I always do.

The best part of my blogging career was when Myntra contacted me personally to be their Style influencer! I was on seventh sky but brought myself down. I seriously didn’t believe it was true until I received a parcel from them. I got a top from Esprit, which is recently made available on Myntra and it was a privilege for me to style cloths from this huge brand.



Top:Β Myntra, Esprit

Jeans:Β Kraus Jeans

Jacket/ Shirt:Β Dad’s Closet

Sandals:Β Mochi


Style Advice:

This is perfect everyday casual top. On regular basis I go for tops which are easy to wear, which are super comfortable, Soft cloth material and most important, which don’t need to be ironed a lot ( Come on don’t lie). And this fits in all the requirements. This look is so effortless yet classy that I can wear it anytime any day. The best part about it is you could wear it casual, formal, outdoors or even for parties! Just style accordingly.

I was initially going to style it with beige trousers but didn’t have any so borrowed my dad’s shirt in dark beige and it went beautifully with it! Kept the jeans light so the focus could go on the top. It would also look pretty without tucking in for casual look. Pair with trousers for formal look. As the top is quite a bit a long, it will look so pretty with dark washed shorts for outdoors or party. If you want something more from the outfit, add a long cardigan or jacket like I did you are good to go.

For accessorize, you could pair it with layered neck pieces as it has a deep neck. I didn’t accessorize it much except for the watch and rings to keep it somewhat formal. You can accessorize it as much as you want and it wouldn’t look bad.

For footwear, I paired it with my favourite pair of indo-western sandals from Mochi which are my current obsession as they go with every outfit.


Hope you liked this blog. I loved styling it and I would love to do more of these. How did you like it? I know this could be better but my wardrobe was very limited. Tell me how would you style it?

Thanks for reading it. Have an amazing day!!! love you all.xoxo

13 thoughts on “Walk the Class Ft. Myntra”

  1. Will try styling it with shorts on my next outing.. Anyways… Loved uh blog as u know I love such kind of blogs of urs πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘

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