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We all love weddings don’t we! For two people committing to each other forever! and forever is a very long time. As romantic and fun weddings are, it takes a lot and lot of efforts to make it the perfect day to remember for the years to come. But what if I tell you there’s an app to help you plan the perfect wedding.

About WedMeGood

Who We Are?

Sugar, spice and everything nice!

WedMeGood is a team of powerpuff humans, that link their professional expertise to their personal love for weddings. We work at weddings, from weddings, for weddings. So sit back, log on to WedMeGood, and feed all your whims and fancies!


From the fairly significant Mehendi Artist to the absolutely necessary Candid Photographer, we have a wedding vendor for all your needs! And for your comfort, you can find profile details, photos and reviews for all of these wedding vendors!


For all your wedding inspirations and ideas, we have a gallery of never ending photos that will keep you busy!

Real Weddings

Every couple has a story to tell, and we have their wedding stories on our Real Weddings section. Inspiration is impulsive, after all.


That would be your chock-a-block for all your wedding “wows”!

Weddings are even better in cities like Mumbai and every wedding out do’s it’s previous one and you know you gotta keep up the theme and make it a block buster wedding for not only you but also for the people to remember!

Recently I visited a wedding of my dear friend in Mumbai and I still can’t get my head out of it. From the brides dress to the whole wedding shenanigans, it was so beautifully planned and executed that I has made it into my Wedding goals.

But when I visited the WedMeGood app, I was even more amazed! 

This app helps you select venues from banquet halls to pool side. Freezing the moment is so important and with a better photographer, it brings back the moment to life again and again. WedMeGood helps you to find your best pick from a range of the best wedding photographers. It also helps you to find the best makeup artist to make you angelic and the best bridal and groom wear all in one app. There are so many more features one needs to plan the perfect wedding you’ve dreamt off.

Hope this helps you all! Do visit their website and download their app and you’ll not regret it.

Thank you all for reading! Love you all. xoxo. Bareen.

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