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Want to send gifts online to the US? DesiClik.com has a quick & easy option

Celebrations are incomplete without gift-giving. We all love giving and receiving; underlying this custom is the expression of appreciation. While sending gifts to our loved ones situated across the globe may have been a tedious process in the past, it is not so anymore, especially to the US. Thanks to DesiClik.com, you can now send gifts to your family and friends living in the United States from the comfort of your couch. DesiClik.com is a user-friendly website that offers hassle-free gifting solutions for your loved ones in the US, especially those who miss home and all things Indian.

DesiClick.com has made the gift-giving process a lot easier with its features and by providing us with an abundance of choices. While searching for a present for my cousin, I realised just how many choices I had. The products on the site are separated into 9 main categories: Clothing; Accessories; Jewellery; Home and Garden; Indian Grocery; Music and Movies; Books and Magazines; Puja and Festivals; Toys and Games. Be it apparel, handicrafts, food or spices, the marketplace has a wide variety of products that you could choose from.

After a quick scan through all these categories, I decided to send my cousin a box of assorted Indian sweets since he has a sweet tooth. The pack contained 2 pounds of assorted sweets, most of which he has been fond of since his childhood. Since I had ordered it as a birthday present for him, I needed it to reach him before the 19th of December. Fortunately, it reached him a day early – this was a pleasant experience in terms of the delivery time.

Worth it!

The sweets were well-packed and reached my cousin in perfect condition. For someone with a sweet tooth and who was missing home, it was the best gift he could receive.

I would definitely recommend this website to anybody who is looking to send gifts to their loved ones in the US. You need not plan the whole process weeks in advance. The highlight about the site is that unlike most other gifting portals, it is not shipping the products all the way from India. They ship their products from the United States itself, which is why their delivery is so much quicker. Also, if your receiver is not happy with the gift, returns too are made easier as they do not have to be shipped all the way back to India.

For more information, you may visit Desiclik.com.

I’m posting this during the new year which is such a great time to make your loved one’s new year better in the Desi Way. But I feel this site is great all year! Indians are known for our amazing, vibrant festivals which our relatives living abroad might miss, this helps to send the warm festive regards to them.

This is an amazing and much needed site to shorten the Indian love with our loved one living in US.

Hope you find it useful. I love this site and I’m sure you’d love it too!

Thank you for reading it till the end. Thank you. xoxo- Bareen.

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